Drug and Alcohol Testing for Government Agencies

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Published on Jun 7th, 2021

Confirm BioSciences is pleased to provide popular drug testing products used by Government Agencies.

Government drug testing is used by a growing number of corporations including the military, police, probation and parole departments, fire departments, and other government agencies.

No matter what type of government organization wants to set up a drug testing program, Confirm BioSciences can help. We carry popular drug testing products used by government agencies, including urine, hair and saliva test kits, instant and laboratory testing and even test kits for synthetic drugs.

But, we don’t just have the products to help government agencies with their drug testing needs, we also have excellent service and can help any government agency create a comprehensive drug testing program.

Confirm BioSciences Works With the Following Types of Government Agencies:

  • Federal & State Prisons
  • Federal, State & County Probation and Parole
  • County Jails and Detention Centers
  • Child & Family Services
  • Municipal Governments
  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Government Contractors

State Government

State government organizations are tasked with running the operations of the respective states they represent. That means, essentially, running a small country (or a not-so-small country in the case of some states, which can have larger economies than some nations).

Why Do State Government Organizations Use Drug Testing For Employees?

State governments and the various organizations they run are responsible for millions of dollars of taxpayer money. When you’re handling public money and you’re paid in public money, everything becomes that much more important. No taxpayer should have to pay for the salary of someone who breaks the law by abusing drugs, even if it is in their spare time. State government organizations drug test to make sure they have no drug abusers in their midst who are having their habits funded by taxpayer money.

What Type of Drug Testing Should State Government Organizations Perform?

A state government organization should use either instant urine test kits, saliva drug test kits or laboratory drug testing for both pre-employment and random drug testing. Whether they use instant or laboratory tests would depend on the facilities they have and whether they could accommodate drug testing of both genders, plus how much of a budget they have for drug testing.

For spot testing of both drugs and alcohol, instant saliva drug and alcohol tests could be used. Some government organizations may have programs in place to give employees reduced premiums for their health coverage if they are non-smokers. If this is the case, nicotine testing kits would be a good idea.

Our instant test kits follow SAMSHA Guidelines.

Probation & Parole Officers

As part of the corrections system, probation and parole offices play a vital role in rehabilitating people as they try to turn their lives around from addiction and criminal activity to being productive members of society.

Why Do Probation and Parole Officers Perform Drug & Alcohol Testing?

The reasons probation and parole offices test for drugs and alcohol is pretty obvious. They have to ensure the people under their watch are adhering to the conditions of their probation or parole, which usually includes staying away from drugs and alcohol.

What tests should parole and probation officers use?

Urine testing and EtG testing are the preferred ways of drug and alcohol testing for probation and parole officers to test the people they are charged with keeping an eye on.

Corrections Facilities

Sheriff departments, prisons and other correctional facilities have to try and maintain drug free environments for the people they incarcerate to help them kick addictions and rehabilitate their lives.

Why Do Sheriff Departments, Prisons And Other Correctional Facilities Use Substance Abuse Testing?

When rehabilitating individuals or holding them as part of court-ordered punishment, it is imperative that they maintain a drug-free environment. An environment free of drugs aids in the rehabilitation of prisoners and helps to prevent violence in correctional institutions.

Some correctional facilities also test for steroids abuse to prevent the possibility of steroid abuse and the increased aggression associated with it.

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