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Saliva Drug Tests

What is a Saliva Drug Test?

Referred to as a mouth swab or oral fluid screening device, the saliva test can be be administered on-site without medical supervision, and provides results in less than 10 minutes. The ability to observe the donor, nearly eliminates any chance of adulteration. We also have urine based drug test kits that require a bit more observation.

How does a Saliva Drug Test Work?

  1. The collector will provide the donor with the swab portion of the saliva test, which resembles a lollipop sponge.
  2. The donor will be instructed to rub the mouth swab against the inside of their cheeks and under their tongue until a satisfactory saliva specimen is collected. This process typically takes 2 minutes.
  3. The saturated swab specimen will then be returned to the collector, who will then insert the sponge into the saliva specimen container which includes the testing panels.
  4. Wait 10 minutes for the saliva sample to saturate the testing panels. Once the sample has soaked through and reacted with the strips, the panels will display colored lines, indicating positive or negative drug test results

How to Interpret Saliva Drug Test Results

Negative saliva drug test result

negative saliva test result

Positive (non-negative) saliva drug test result

positive saliva test result

Saliva Drug Detection Periods

Saliva drug testing accuracy is dependent on the type of test you buy as well as being able to collect a sufficient amount of saliva. Most instant tests of quality offer up to a 99% accuracy rate. The below chart offers cutoff and detection times of the SalivaConfirm Saliva Drug Test Swab.

saliva drug detection times chart

Why is Saliva Drug Testing Popular?

Saliva drug testing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to detect drug usage. Mouth swabs can be administered without the need for specialized collection facilities or same-sex observed collections. With the ease of use, instant results, and low cost, oral swabs have become the preferred method of drug testing in the workplace.

Saliva testing for drugs can detect illicit substances in a donor’s system immediately after use and for up to two days afterwards depending on the drug. Oral drug screens are a cost-effective way to perform pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing and post-accident drug testing and combined with other drug testing methods, are an integral part of a comprehensive drug testing program.

Benefits of Saliva Drug Testing:

  • Impossible to cheat a saliva test due to non invasive observation
  • Results provided in less than 10 minutes for most mouth swab drug tests
  • Oral fluid detection times are very similar to urine, except they are more sensitive to recent use (which urine can miss)
  • Our most popular test, the SalivaConfirm mouth swab test, has a built in saturation indicator to allow for the proper amount of saliva specimen needed to perform the test
  • Saliva drug testing accuracy is up to 99%

Able to detect abuse of common illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin, instant oral drug screens can also detect less common illicit drugs and prescription drugs.

Saliva Drug Testing Kit Tips: