Drug Facts

Synthetic Drug Tests

Confirm BioSciences synthetic drug tests provide the latest advancement in drug testing technology. Synthetic drugs go by a number of popular names and the availability of these drugs is increasing at an alarming rate. Poison control centers and hospital emergency rooms across the country report increasing instances of abuse and overdose of synthetic or designer drugs on a daily basis.

What are Synthetic Cannabinoids (“K2/Spice”)?

Synthetic cannabinoids consists of plant material that resembles traditional marijuana sprayed with a chemical compound meant to mimic the effects of traditional marijuana. However, synthetic marijuana can be deadly. It has caused injury and even death to people who have smoked it.

Confirm BioSciences Synthetic Marijuana (THC) Urine Drug Test Kit screens urine for 18 synthetic compounds used in the manufacturing of synthetic marijuana. We offer an instant K2 spice drug testing dip card as well as a laboratory based K2 spice drug test.

JWH-018 & JWH-073 are the primary synthetic compounds responsible for the “high” in Spice and K2, which is sold in head shops and has been a thorn in the side of addiction treatment centers over the last several years. These are among the numerous compounds found in “herbal” incense or smoke blends.

Our Synthetic Marijuana (THC) Urine Drug Test Kit is a lab based urine test that will detect metabolites of the following synthetic marijuana compounds: JWH-018, JWH-081, JWH-073, JWH-250, AM-2201, RCS-4.

Synthetic Designer Stimulants (“Bath Salts”)

Synthetic cathinones, typically marketed as “bath salts” “research chemicals” and “plant food,” are sold legally under various names (Ivory Wave, Blizzard, etc.). They are generally sold in retail establishments such as adult stores, independently owned convenience stores, gas stations, head shops, and skateboard shops and their raw chemical components are also sold on many Internet sites.

Additionally, “bath salts” have been sold by independent dealers as ecstasy—in powdered form, in single-component tablets and capsules, and in tablets and capsules containing cathinones combined with MDMA or other illicit controlled substances. You’ll find instant bath salt dip cards available from Confirm BioSciences here.