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DrugConfirm Urine Drug Test Dip Card

  • CLIA waived, FDA Cleared, Forensic Use Only, and Employment/Insurance Use Only options available
  • For Non-Invasive, On-the-Spot Screening
  • Thermometer style interpretation
  • Built-in Quality Control Mechanism
  • Qualitative Results in 5 minutes

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HIPAA Compliant

Available Panels

Tests for: AMP / BAR / BUP / BZO / COC / COT / EtG / mAMP / MDMA / MOP / MTD / OPI / OXY / PCP / THC


About DrugConfirm Drug Test Dip Card

DrugConfirm drug tests are a favorite among the largest corporate customers. From school organizations to staffing, many managers love the large configuration options, highly sensitive detection cutoff levels and quality built design that prevents leaks. Certain SKUs are for Forensic, Employment, or Insurance Use Only. Please inquire for more information.

Collection Procedure

Collect the Specimen

Collect at least 30 mL of urine in a cup and then place the card with the test strips exposed in the sample.

Wait for Results

Wait 5 minutes to read results shown on the test strips.

Do not read results after 10 minutes.

Interpret Results

Follow the instructions on this page to interpret the test strips.

How to Read Results

Negative Result

If both the "C" (Control) line and the "T" (Test) line appear, it is a Negative result. Even if the "T" line is seen faintly.

Invalid Result

If the "C" (Control) line does not show up, results are considered Invalid.

Positive Result

If only the "C" (Control) line appears the test result is Positive.

Cut Off Chart

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