Urine Drug Test Dip Card

Our dip card urine drug test kits are an affordable solution for all of your drug testing needs. Rapid urine screening tests can detect a recent history of drug abuse and clearly show whether a person is under the influence of a range of common substances and drugs. Up to 99% accurate, these dip card options are dependable and reliable. Please note, that cups are necessary for these types of tests. If you are looking for integrated cups (cup + test) in one unit, please visit our urine test cup collection.

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The Confirm BioSciences urine test kit offers a convenient testing solution for your drug testing needs. Human urine is commonly used to detect a wide range of disorders (such as diabetes and kidney disease) - however urine samples are also very suitable for drug tests.

This is because the kidneys filter and remove fluids, waste content and other substances from the blood.

What does a urine sample test kit show?

Our urine screening tests can detect a recent history of drug abuse and clearly show whether a person is under the influence of a range of common substances and drugs.


The detection of alcohol in urine suggests a comparatively recent intake compared to other substances. Positive results in these tests suggest the ingestion of alcohol within the last 48 hours. This is generally a longer time than swab tests or breath tests, which commonly indicate the use of alcohol within the past 24 hours.


Drug tests can detect Tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC), the active component in marijuana which makes marijuana users feel "high." Detection of THC can vary depending on how frequently the person uses the drug, with a detection window of up to two weeks for daily users.

MDMA / Amphetamines

The detection of MDMA and amphetamines using a urine test is commonplace, as these substances can be detected between 48 and 72 hours later.


Heroin and morphine are two further examples of drugs which are commonly revealed using a test strip. Detection time is generally between 24 and 72 hours.


Our urine screening kits serve as a comprehensive Nicotine test. Enzymes in the liver break most of the nicotine down to become cotinine, the most widely used biomarker for tobacco users. Even for infrequent smokers, cotinine will usually show up on a test strip during urinalysis for about four days.

How accurate are test strips?

Whilst they may have their place, home drug tests are not a suitable or price-efficient way for many of our customers to drug test patients, employees or loved ones. Like all of our other drug tests, this product is a reliable indicator for the detection of substances.

The presence of a control line alongside a positive or negative result indicates the validity of each test. Test strips work by using a cut-off level. This means that a positive result will be shown if the sample contains a certain minimum amount of each substance, and helps to minimize the risk of false positives.

Do these tests use Gas Chromatography?

Instant tests do not use gas chromatography (which can be used to detect even trace amounts of substances such as opioids and their metabolites). If necessary, a positive test could be sent to a lab to confirm the findings, but for a regular drug test the results of a test strip are usually sufficient.

False positives

A false positive occurs when people have not taken an illegal drug, but may have ingested a detectable substance. Poppy seeds, for example, contain opium- which could cause the test to detect the presence of opium. Similarly, hemp seeds may inadvertently suggest the consumption of THC.

Similarly, exposure to secondhand smoke could incur a false positive after passive exposure to nicotine were it not for suitable cut off levels on tests.

How are urine sample drug tests used?

Urinary tests are an excellent choice for performing a drug test non-invasively.

Simply collect the urine using a container and dip the urine test strip into the sample for no more than a few seconds. Remove any excess by wiping the test strip on the side of the container.

Then read the result of the test strip after 60 seconds, after which a control line will be visible for both positive and negative results. The appearance of lines on a urine test strip are a reliable indicator, but as with all testing, clinical judgement is required when interpreting results.

Like all of our products, our urine tests include product details and user information with each order for your safe and reliable use.

Can an alcohol urine test be passed after 48 hours?


The results of a urine sample can show the presence of alcohol for longer than a swab or breath test. Alcohol is a depressant that has a short life span in the body - it is detected in urine for up to 48 hours after drinking, with some more advanced tests showing indications of alcohol in the system for up to 80 hours within the sample.

This compares favorably to other tests. Breath tests and swab tests can detect alcohol if used within 24 hours. Hair tests are a more invasive choice, however the use of these can detect alcohol for up to 90 days if a longer time period is needed.


By any account, the use of tests to detect drugs is dependent on the metabolism of the subject. Active metabolism cannot hide drugs from testing methods, despite the fact that measurable quantities can differ between people.

As alcohol is expelled from the body after 48 hours, a negative test indicates no or very little consumption during this time.

What is the most accurate drug test in the United States?

For many employers or healthcare professionals in the United States, a urine screening test is now a standard tool for detecting the presence of substances.

Who are our customers?

Our tests are suitable for a wide range of customer purposes, including rehabilitation clinics, employers, athletic governing bodies and any other profession requiring a convenient screening test solution with a reasonable price. Our organization believes in the highest level of standards with a robust internal Quality Management System as well as ISO certification. Our account representatives are available to guide you through your screening needs and will recommend products and services which fit within your safety/testing programs.

If you have further questions about this product before you order please email info@confirmbiosciences.com or call our customer service number: (800) 908-5603

Urine Drug Test Dip Card FAQs

What is a false positive result?

A false positive result is a screening test read positive when the drug or drug metabolite is not present or its concentration is less than the cutoff level.

What is cut-off level?

The cut-off level is the specified concentration of a drug in a urine sample. Above that concentration the test is called positive, and below that concentration it is called negative.

What does Preliminary Positive mean?

The Multi-Drug Urine Test is a preliminary drug screening test. It is the first step in a two-step process. Preliminary screening tests are not as accurate as laboratory confirmation tests. It is possible to obtain a positive test result even if the donor did not take drugs. Some medicines and food may cause drug screens to incorrectly display a positive test result. Diet pills, inhalers, and cough syrup can also yield a positive test result. You should consult with your doctor to better understand how substances might cross-react or interfere with this test.