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5 Panel Premium Saliva Drug Test (1 Year+ Shelf Life. Final Sale!)

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Shop 5 Panel Saliva Non-THC test at Confirm Biosciences collection indicator. Instant results. Order now!

5-Panel T-Square Oral Device no THC with Indicator AMP/COC/MET/OPI/PCP

This product is for Employment / Insurance Use Only.

Final Sale.

Collection Procedure

Collect the Specimen

Insert the sponge end of the collection stick into mouth and soak sponge into saliva for 3 minutes. Hold the test tube vertically and place the collection stick into the tube. Press the stick all the way down until the lid seals the tube.

Wait for Results

Keep the test tube upright until you begin to read results.

Read results of alcohol test at 3 minutes and drug tests at 10 minutes.

Interpret Results

Follow the instructions on this page to interpret the test strips.

How to Read Results

Negative Result

If both the "C" (Control) line and the "T" (Test) line appear, it is a Negative result. Even if the "T" line is seen faintly.

Positive Result

If only the "C" (Control) line appears the test result is Positive.

Invalid Result

If the "C" (Control) line does not show up, results are considered Invalid.

Cut Off Chart

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Certain SalivaConfirm products are for Forensic, Employment, or Insurance Use Only. Please contact us to confirm the status of your desired product configuration.