Make the lab the exception, not the rule.

We understand that lab testing has been the traditional method for drug testing programs, but what if we told you there is a simpler and less expensive process, with a much faster turnaround time? TestConfirm is a comprehensive employer-centric platform that allows you to easily carry out your drug testing program in minutes, not days. Leverage the speed and savings of instant drug tests with the peace of mind of lab confirmation. Assign collectors, record instant test results using a mobile app, order lab confirmation only when needed, and replenish inventory at a reduced rate. We’ve got a great team waiting to show you around. Complete the form to request more information or to schedule a demo.

Who is this platform for?

The TestConfirm platform is perfect for organizations with multiple locations or larger businesses looking to scale their drug testing program while reducing turnaround time. TestConfirm is the perfect solution for:
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Construction Sites
  • Hospitality and Service Industry
  • Healthcare
What types of tests does this work with?
  • Instant saliva
  • Instant urine

Is TestConfirm right for you?

Watch this video to see TestConfirm in action:

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Lightning fast turnaround times

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Streamlined multi location administration

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Convenience of mobile application

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Inventory maintenance at reduced rates

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Lab confirmation only when needed

Feature Summary


Total oversight of the drug screening process with a comprehensive web interface.
  • Manage one or multiple locations
  • Supervise site management and collection process
  • Assign roles & permissions

Site Manager

Ownership of the drug testing protocol for their location in a sub-administrator role.
  • Manage on site random drug testing program
  • Create new testing sessions
  • Add or import donors
  • Verify lab results with Medical Review Officer authentication
  • View and track lab results via web portal
  • Replenish inventory instantly


Complete donor test in under 10 minutes with the intuitive TestConfirm mobile app.
  • Minimize mistakes with step by step in-app instructions
  • Interpret test results by scanning panels using a mobile camera
  • Collect digital signature for electronic chain of custody requirements

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