Single Panel Gabapentin Urine Drug Test Dip Card

Offers a 1000ng/ml Cutoff Level


  • Detects Metabolites of Gabapentin/Neurontin (GPT), Pregabalin, and Vigabatrin
  • Instant Results in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Up to 99% Result Accuracy
  • 25 Dip Cards Per Case
  • Made in the USA
  • Forensic Use Only


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Why Buy Confirm BioSciences’ Gabapentin Urine Test Kits?

Gabapentin/Neurontin (GPT) is an addictive substance used to enhance the effects of ancillary prescription drugs, including opiates in particular. Our Single Panel Gabapentin Urine Drug Test Dip Card instantly detects Gabapentin metabolites in urine in a single step procedure. Now, rehabilitative experts can stay on top of trending Gabapentin drug abuse.

Confirm BioSciences is one of the only providers of the Single Panel Gabapentin (GPT) Drug Test Dip Card. Gabapentin (Neurontin) metabolites can be identified at a concentration cut-off level of 1000 ng/mL.

Our forensic Neurontin drug test is affordable and easy-to-use and provides up to 99% accurate results within minutes of test use. In a single step, the GPT dip card can also detect Pregabalin and Vigabatrin derivatives of the drug.

Need to be able to detect Gabapentin in urine test kits? We’ve got you covered. Looking for a Pregabalin drug test kit? This dip card can detect Pregabalin metabolites as well.

Gabapentin (Neurontin) Drug Test Cutoff Levels

Drug Name:Abbreviation:Detection PeriodCutoff:
GabapentinGPT1-2 Days1,000 ng/mL
Pregabalin1-2 Days>100,000 ng/mL
Vigabatrin1-2 Days>100,000 ng/mL