VacuConfirm™ Urine Transfer System

Compatible With DrugConfirm™ Advanced Urine Drug Test Cups


  • Saves Money, Time, Storage Space and Overall Laboratory Fees
  • Ability to Test Specimen Directly From Vacu Tube When Neccessary
  • Eliminates Drug Test Cup Leakage During Shipping and Transport
  • Easiest, Fastest and Most Sanitary Method of Collecting, Transferring and Shipping Urine Specimens
  • Save on Shipping Fees When Compared to Traditional Urine Specimen Shipment Methods
  • Virtually Eliminates the Need for Direct Contact With Urine Specimens
  • For Use With Any of Our DrugConfirm Advanced Urine Drug Test Cups


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VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System

Introducing the latest and greatest in drug testing technology, our VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System makes it easier and more convenient than ever to collect and ship urine specimens.

Using the traditional method of transferring urine from a test cup to a transportation vial with the use of a pipette is an often messy and unsanitary process. It also increases the risk for accidents and can be an inefficient, time-consuming process. Using our new, innovative VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System (designed to work with our very own DrugConfirm Advanced drug test cups) is a fast, easy and virtually leak-proof way to transfer urine specimens for shipping and laboratory confirmation. When shipping in vials or in the specimen cup themselves, leaking during transport is a very common problem that requires recollecting and reshipping of all specimens. Using our VacuConfirm device greatly cuts down on leaking during shipment saving time and money on recollection. Our VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System will lower shipping costs, eliminate cup leakage and reduce storage space.

Perfect for use with any of our DrugConfirm Advanced urine drug testing cups, including our popular 12 panel drug test cup.

Please note: DrugConfirm Advanced drug test kits are sold separately.


How to Use Our VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System


Our VacuConfirm Urine Transfer System is perfect for industries such as:

VacuConfirm is Perfect for Many Industries