SteroidConfirm Steroid Test Kit

Tests for 57 Anabolic Steroids


  • Tests For 57 Anabolic Steroids in Urine
  • Perfect for Workplace or Sports Drug Testing as an Anti Doping Test
  • Accurate Results Available 5-10 Business Days After Lab Receives Sample
  • Laboratory Steroid Testing Comparable to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Standards
  • Prepaid Overnight Shipping Label Included
  • Stimulant and Diuretic Testing Available
  • Optional Medical Review Officer (MRO) Interpretation of Results
  • Secure, Confidential Online Reports
  • Professional Use Only


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SteroidConfirm Steroid and PED Test Kit

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Urine Steroid Testing Kits

The SteroidConfirm anabolic steroid test kit is an accurate and affordable diagnostic tool to detect the use of performance-enhancing steroids in sports organizations, athletic clubs, and workplace settings. SteroidConfirm utilizes a sophisticated and sensitive technology called gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, also known as GC/MS testing. This is a highly accurate method of performing an androgenic-anabolic steroid test. Accurate Anabolic & Androgenic Side Effects of Steroid Usequantification is performed for nandrolone and testosterone with cut-off levels of 2 ng/ml (nandrolone metabolite) and testosterone to epitestosterone ratio above 6 (T/E > 6). Traditionally, the abuse of anabolic steroids has been linked to athletes who want to improve their athletic performance. While this still remains the case, steroid abuse has become prevalent among both men and women outside of athletics as well to increase muscle size and reduce body fat. Individuals of various ages and demographics abuse steroids including high school, college and professional athletes as well as employees in contractor and construction industries as the illicit use of steroids often help with their job performance. Side effects of anabolic steroid use may include acne, fluid retention, headaches, improved appetite, rapid weight gain and even liver disease or heart damage. Our SteroidConfirm test kit can help stem the tide of rampant steroid abuse among students, athletes, employees and the general public. Performance enhancing drug testing is now easier and more affordable to utilize than it’s ever been in the past. Secure, confidential results are available within 5-10 business days of the lab receiving your sample with the option for anonymous testing available.  Each individual steroid test result will be listed with either a “Detected” or “Not Detected” to easily determine which, if any, androgenic-anabolic steroids are being used.

How Does Your Steroid Testing Kit Work?

Our SteroidConfirm performance-enhancing steroids test enables sports trainers and employers to test individuals who they suspect may be abusing steroids. This test kit comes with everything you need to collect a sample including a urine collection beaker, specimen bag for shipping, Chain of Custody Form and pre-paid shipping label (for those located within the United States). Simply collect a urine specimen in the workplace, at school or in your athletic facility and mail to our laboratory using the pre-paid shipping label included with the kit. You have the option to perform a confidential test (no personal information is required) or a test with a Chain of Custody which will be reviewed by our Medical Review Officer. Our SteroidConfirm Anabolic Steroid Test can detect a wide variety of illegal substances from urine samples and makes cheating near impossible. The collection device makes it easy to collect as well, allowing you to send the samples through the mail without damage or spilling of the sample, ensuring accurate results. The wide range of substances that it can detect and the easy readability of the result reports differentiate this test from the multitude of cheaper self-steroid tests available on the market today.

Our SteroidConfirm Steroid Test Screens For:

Steroid NameMethodCutoff Level
1-AndrostendiolGC/MS2 ng/mL
1-AndrostendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
4-AndrostendiolGC/MS2 ng/mL
4-AndrostendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
5-AndrostendiolGC/MS2 ng/mL
5-AndrostendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
BolasteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Bolandiol (Norandrostendiol)GC/MS2 ng/mL
BoldioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
BoldenoneGC/MS2 ng/mL
CalusteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Clenbuterol (anabolic agent)GC/MS1 ng/mL
ClostebolGC/MS2 ng/mL
DanazolGC/MS2 ng/mL
DehydrochlormethyltestosteronGC/MS2 ng/mL
DesoxymethyltestosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
5a-DihydrotestosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
DrostandiolGC/MS2 ng/mL
DrostanoloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Epitestosterone (masking agent)GC/MS2 ng/mL
EthylestrenolGC/MS2 ng/mL
EthisteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
FluoxymesteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
FormeboloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Formestane (anti-estrogen)GC/MS2 ng/mL
FurazabolGC/MS2 ng/mL
HalodrolGC/MS2 ng/mL
4-Hydroxy-testosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MesteroloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MethandrostenoloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MethenoloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MethasteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MethandriolGC/MS2 ng/mL
MestanoloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
6-MethylandrostendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Methyl-1-testosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MethylnortestosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
MiboleroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
NadroloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
NorbolethoneGC/MS2 ng/mL
NorclostebolGC/MS2 ng/mL
NorethandroloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
19-NorandrostadiendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
19-NorandrostendioneGC/MS2 ng/mL
OxandroloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
OxymesteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
OxymetholoneGC/MS2 ng/mL
OxaboloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Probenecid (masking agent)GC/MS100 ng/mL
ProstanozolGC/MS2 ng/mL
QuinboloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
StanozoloGC/MS2 ng/mL
StenboloneGC/MS2 ng/mL
Testolactone (anti-estrogen)GC/MS2 ng/mL
1-TestosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
TestosteroneGC/MS2 ng/mL
TrenboloneGC/MS10 ng/mL

Steroid Detection Time Frame

The window of detection for steroids varies drastically. At the low end of the spectrum the window is only 2-3 days when taking short term pills to as long as 12-18 months for those using oil based injections. Steroids, similar to THC, are not water soluble. With testosterone, because it occurs naturally, you will almost always detect the hormone. It is necessary to test for testosterone because the body adjusts natural production of the hormone when it is introduced by synthetic steroids, meaning the levels of testosterone are usually off kilter when someone is abusing steroids. WARNING AND COLLECTION INFORMATION: It is important that the collector get the specimen to the lab as soon as possible. Degradation of the sample is possible if not refrigerated or frozen within 5 days of collection. If it is difficult to ship right after the collection process is complete, the specimen needs to be refrigerated rather than stored at room temperature. Please note- the MRO report is only available with Chain of Custody tests.


  • AAB-American Association of Bioanalysists
  • CLIA-Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
  • Heavy Metals Institute