QED Saliva Alcohol Test

CLIA Waived QED A150


Our QED Saliva Alcohol Test provides fast, quantitative results in fewer than five minutes from a saliva sample collected with the swab provided. QED CLIA Waived alcohol tests provide accurate, repeatable results with every application. Results are easily read in a similar fashion to a thermometer to prevent misinterpretation. No bathroom is required to administer this oral fluid alcohol test.

  • CLIA Waived, FDA Cleared, and DOT Approved
  • Now Health Canada Approved!
  • For Non-Invasive, On-the-Spot Screening
  • Thermometer-Style Interpretation
  • Built-in Quality Control Mechanism
  • High Correlation to Blood Alcohol Concentration
  • Quantitative Results in 5 Minutes


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QED Alcohol DOT Test

By ordering the QED A150 Alcohol Test Kit in bulk from Confirm BioSciences, you’ll discover what it feels like to have a dedicated salesperson assigned to you to answer all of your drug testing needs.

The QED Saliva Alcohol Test is the only CLIA Waived, FDA Cleared, and DOT Approved oral fluid alcohol test kit on the market. QED test kits are a low-cost alternative to breath or blood testing, but just as accurate. The test is easy to operate and provides quantitative results as reliable as a blood test. The QED test serves customers in workplace testing, criminal justice and in hospitals, emergency, psychiatric and occupational health departments.

Simply take a swab of saliva from the donor’s mouth and test it right there on the spot with the saliva testing strip. No specialized collection facilities and no same gender collections are required. With these instant alcohol saliva test strips, a mouth swab is all that’s required.