iScreen OFD (Oral Fluid Device) Saliva Drug Test

Instant Oral Drug Testing Results


  • Provides an Accurate Method of Instant Drug Testing
  • Easy to Use – No Bathroom Required
  • Virtually Eliminate Any Chances of Cheating (See: What is Specimen Adulteration?)
  • Gives You Instant Drug Testing Results Within 10 Minutes
  • Available in a 5 Panel Saliva Drug Test and 6 Panel Saliva Drug Test
  • For Forensic Use Only
  • 25 Tests Per Box


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Our Difference

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Our Difference

iScreen OFD 5 Panel Drug Test and 6 Panel Drug Test

The iScreen OFD cheek swab drug test is an instant, on-the-spot saliva drug testing kit that gives you results in 10 minutes. With an oral fluid drug test, you don’t need to worry about same-gender observed collections or having specialized collection facilities. The OFD test kit also enables you to detect drug use almost immediately after usage.

The iScreen oral drug test comes in either a 5 panel drug test or 6 panel drug test configurations.

iScreen Oral Drug Test Levels and Detection Periods

Drug Name:Abbr:Cutoff:
MarijuanaTHC12 ng/mL
Phencyclidine PCP10ng/mL
An instant (oral fluid) saliva screening device – the iScreen OFD (Oral Fluid Device) affords the convenience of performing observed collections without privacy issues, and eliminates the need for urine collections and same-gender sample collections.
Brand: iScreen