iScreen OFD Cotinine Saliva Test Kit

Instant Nicotine Test Kit
iScreen OFD Cotinine Saliva Test Kit


The iScreen OFD Cotinine device is a rapid, mouth swab drug test that can be performed anytime and almost anywhere. The test detects elevated levels of cotinine (nicotine metabolite) in oral fluid for accurate determination of smoking status. Accurately screen for cotinine, the primary metabolite of nicotine.

  • Detects Usage up to 1-2 Days After Nicotine Use
  • Qualitative Detection of Cotinine in Oral Fluids at 30 ng/mL Cutoff Level
  • Simple Collection and Testing Procedure
  • Instant Drug Testing Results in as Little as 10 Minutes
  • Long Shelf Life at Room Temperature – Great For Those Who Want to Buy Drug Tests In Bulk
  • Suitable for Healthcare Diagnosis, Workplace Professionals, Insurance Agency Nicotine Detection, Smoking Cessation Programs and More
  • 25 Tests Per Box

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iScreen Nicotine Test Kit

The iScreen OFD oral fluid nicotine test makes testing for tobacco use easy. One end of the device has a collection swab used to collect the oral fluid sample. The user actively swabs the mouth and tongue until saturated with saliva, then inserts the collector into the cap and locks it into place. The test administrator then lays the device on a horizontal surface to allow the test results to develop.

Results are ready in ten minutes. The presence of a line at the test indicator is a negative result. The absence of a line indicates recent tobacco use. The integrated internal control assures the administrator that the test has worked correctly.

The iScreen instant nicotine test kit requires minimal training to use and the results are accurate and easy to interpret. Ideal for detecting nicotine use in smoking cessation programs, this instant oral fluid drug testing kit can be ordered in bulk for special wholesale discounts.

iScreen Cotinine Testing Levels and Detection Periods

Drug Name: Abbr: Cutoff:
Cotinine COT 30ng/mL
The iScreen® OFD - Cotinine device is a rapid, oral fluid screening test that can be performed anytime without the use of an instrument.
Brand: iScreen