EtG Alcohol Laboratory Test

Results Within 48-72 Hours


Confirm BioSciences EtG/EtS Lab Test screens for traces of alcohol metabolites in urine up to 3 days after ingestion.

EtG is a direct metabolite of alcohol (ethanol). Its presence in urine may be used to detect recent ethanol ingestion, even after ethanol is no longer measurable. The presence of EtG in urine is an indicator that ethanol was ingested and can be detected in urine for up to 80-hours after ingestion.

  • Detects recent ingestion more accurately and for a longer period of time than standard alcohol tests, up to 80-hours back
  • Provides greater sensitivity and accuracy by measuring both EtG/EtS
  • Ideal for zero tolerance treatment programs and abstinence enforcement
  • Fast results (48 hours 1 negative, 48-72 hours positive)
  • Now Offering an Instant EtG Test


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Testing for EtG Metabolite in Urine

 In addition to EtG, recent scientific studies have identified ethyl sulfate (EtS) as a second specific metabolite or biomarker of ethanol. For this reason, we test and report EtS in conjunction with EtG, to confirm recent ethanol ingestion or exposure. The detection of EtG and EtS offers greater sensitivity and accuracy for determination of recent ethanol ingestion, than by detection of either biomarker alone.

We utilize the most sophisticated, sensitive, and specific equipment and technology available. After first screening for presumptive positives, we quantitatively confirm EtG/EtS by LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry). This combination of separate screening and confirmation methods provides highly accurate alcohol biomarker test results.

Test Panels and Cut-off Levels are as Follows:

EtG100 ng/mL
EtS25 ng/mL
EtG Testing
Confirm BioSciences EtG/EtS Alcohol Lab Testing for Urine.
Brand: DrugConfirm