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Ethyl alcohol, whether tested for via saliva or urine, will only be detectable for a matter of hours after a person consumes alcohol. But, EtG is present in the body for up to 4 days after alcohol consumption. This makes the EtG urine test kit invaluable for any organization that has zero tolerance alcohol policies in place. This long-term alcohol consumption urine test is ideal for: Probation or parole offices where people are court-ordered to abstain from alcohol Alcohol abuse treatment facilities Workplaces that have included alcohol testing as part of their drug testing programs Anywhere that has a zero tolerance alcohol policy High schools and colleges

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EtG Testing FAQs

What is an EtG Test?

The Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) test dip card uses a reagent to cause a reaction with the urine specimen. The type of reaction will determine if the urine is positive for EtG. Each test strip contains mouse monoclonal antibody-coupled particles and corresponding drug-protein conjugates. A goat antibody is employed in each control line.

How Long is EtG Detectable in Urine?

EtG metabolite is detectable approximately 3-4 days after a person consumes alcohol via EtG urine drug testing. For an extended detection window, EtG urine drug testing is available in the form of instant urine dip cards which can screen for EtG up to 80 hours after alcohol consumption.

What does Preliminary Positive mean?

The Multi-Drug Urine Test is a preliminary drug screening test. It is the first step in a two-step process. Preliminary screening tests are not as accurate as laboratory confirmation tests. It is possible to obtain a positive test result even if the donor did not take drugs. Some medicines and food may cause drug screens to incorrectly display a positive test result. Diet pills, inhalers, and cough syrup can also yield a positive test result. You should consult with your doctor to better understand how substances might cross-react or interfere with this test.

What if the lab test confirms a positive result?

The lab uses very accurate and reliable equipment to run the tests. If the lab reports a positive result, it means the drug was present in the urine sample. But do not assume the urine sample came from a drug abuser.

People can test positive THC (or marijuana) because they have been repeatedly around heavy marijuana smoke even they did not smoke marijuana themselves.

Consider all amphetamine results carefully, even those from the lab. Some over-the-counter medications contain amphetamines that cannot be distinguished from illegally abused amphetamines.