Alco-Sensor FST

Handheld Breath Alcohol Tester


  • Latest in Innovation From Intoximeter
  • Patented Rear-Facing Display Allows Operator to View Instrument While Remaining in Control of Test Subject
  • Pocket Sized, Designed for Both Right and Left-handed Use
  • Backlit LCD Display for Use In Low Light Conditions & Illuminated Mouthpiece Guide
  • Perfect for Workplace Testing Programs
  • Standard Alcohol Detection Range of .000-.440 BrAC
  • Fast Results for Both Positive & Negative Results
  • Additional Mouthpieces Available for Purchase (Quantities of 25)


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Our Difference

Our Difference
Our Difference
Our Difference
Our Difference
Our Difference

It’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption dramatically impairs cognitive ability and coordination. Peak motor function is necessary in many scenarios, like when operating factory machinery or driving a vehicle. With hundreds of thousands of units sold to industries across the board, Alco-Screen FST is the most trusted preliminary breath test available. 

Alco-Sensor FST is DOT certified and calibrated for optimal accuracy. Whether it is used directly or passively, the device will detect even marginal amounts of alcohol along the range of .000-.0440 Breath Alcohol Concentration. Alco-Sensor’s rear-view LCD monitor illuminates in dark settings, and produces real-time results without interference from the test subject. Mouthpiece interchangeability upholds sanitation, as breath exposure is virtually eliminated. Not only is Alco-Sensor FST compact and operable in either hand, it comes with a protective SureGrip™ sleeve that is temperature resistant and magnetized to improve grip and prevent loss.
When it comes to public safety, there is zero tolerance for alcohol abuse. Alco-Sensor FST ultimately ensures the preservation of health and safety because these values are the foundation of successful companies.