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Alcohol Tests

Methods of Alcohol Testing

When you need to know if someone has been consuming alcohol, Confirm BioSciences has various alcohol screening test kits to accommodate any type of alcohol testing that may be needed.

Choose from breath, saliva or urine alcohol tests to screen anyone you suspect may be under the influence of alcohol in the workplace, at your university or in your clinic.

EtG Alcohol Testing Facts

EtG alcohol urine testing is different from traditional urine testing because it doesn’t test for the amount of alcohol in a person’s body, it tests for the presence of the alcohol metabolite Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG).

Ethyl alcohol, whether tested for via saliva or urine, will only be detectable for a matter of hours after a person consumes alcohol. But, EtG is present in the body for up to 4 days after alcohol consumption. This makes the EtG urine test kit invaluable for any organization that has zero tolerance alcohol policies in place.

Urine Alcohol Tests

Urine alcohol tests are administered in order to determine if a person has been drinking recently. This urine alcohol drug test that is intended for use as a rapid method to detect the presence of alcohol in urine greater than 0.04%. It is intended for the detection of ethyl alcohol in human urine. To confirm the concentration of positive specimens, an alternate method (such as gas chromatography mass spectrometry) in a laboratory is recommended.

Saliva Alcohol Tests

The instant alcohol saliva test is quick and easy to use. It produces reliable results in just minutes. This test detects the presence of alcohol in saliva and can provide an approximation of blood alcohol concentration of 0.02% and higher.

Breath Alcohol Tests

By far the most common way of detecting alcohol consumption, these breath tests are extremely portable and affordable. Many people believe that you need sophisticated equipment to perform an alcohol breath test, but these tests prove it can be done with simple, inexpensive equipment.

Perfect for workplace testing in environments that have a zero tolerance alcohol policy, these instant alcohol tests can help determine if someone has been drinking alcohol. Regardless of which method you choose, they are cost-effective, accurate and reliable for indicating recent alcohol usage.