Walmart Drug Test Review

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Published on Aug 15th, 2019

Walmart offers a variety of at home drug tests both in store and online. Their main house brand is Equate Home Drug Test. Drug test kits are helpful when you want to test yourself or another person, like your child, for drug use.

Walmart's Drug Tests Compared

Walmart sells two instant drug tests with lab verification First Check and their own house brand Equate. They are priced the same and offer the same lab verification services. The main difference comes with Equate's 12 Panel offering extra panels to detect prescription drug abuse.

How Much is a Drug Test at Walmart?

The price of the drug test at Walmart depends on the brand and the type of drug test kit you choose. For example, their Equate Single Drug Panel test (determines one drug) is priced close to $13, while the Equate 12 Panel (determines 12 types of drugs) is priced close to $36.

If you are looking for instant drug testing without lab verification it can be a lot cheaper to just order an at home drug test.

Walmart is great for one off, but for larger orders for businesses (25 or more) TestCountry offers the following great choices:

By purchasing drug testing kits in bulk from TestCountry, you can get high quality, CLIA certified drug testing solutions while paying much less per unit than purchasing in retail stores. TestCountry provides a large variety of drug tests detecting anywhere from 5-14 drugs of abuse and prescription drugs to suit any drug testing program. Choose us along with the hundreds of other small businesses and save money while testing with the same reliability as laboratory drug tests.

Winner: Equate Home Drug Tests

Equate offers a few more drugs of detection and is more likely to be stocked due to being Walmart's own brand.

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