QuickScreen Drug Test Review

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Published on Jan 31st, 2020

QuickScreen is one brand that offers a wide array of urine drug testing kits. It is well known for its all-in-one-cups that can be used for the qualitative detection of metabolites and multiple drugs in human urine. Among the most popular products from QuickScreen are the CLIA Waived urine drug tests. Find out the advantages these products will deliver specifically for those of you working in health and medical centers.

How Accurate are Urine Drug Tests?

Urine drug testing is one of the most convenient choices when it comes to drug testing and is widely used when testing for opioids and illicit drugs, says the Drug Testing Network. The test usually takes two easy steps from the urine sample collection to the reading of results.

Every drug testing brand offering urine drug test is expected to offer the same premise when it comes to convenience. What makes CLIA Waived QuickScreen urine drug test a convenient choice is the fact that you can ask the donor to add the urine sample up to the "Fill to Here" mark and from there; you can peel off the sticker and read results. That will certainly be a lot of help to those of you in the medical practice.

QuickScreen Drug Test Instructions

Whether you use the 5-Panel CLIA-Waived Urine Premium Screen Cup or the CLIA-Waived 10 Panel Urine QuickScreen Cup, you are sure to get results in no time. For these drug testing panels, you simply have to use the built-in timer with the cup that tells you when you can read results. Basically, you can use the "Ready to Read" window located at the right front part of the cup. The red color on this indicator is a sign that the results are ready for reading.

How to Use a Drug Test Cup

According to Drug Detection, taking urine samples for a drug test is extremely accurate and reliable as long as all aspects of drug testing have been done properly. As the user of urine drug testing kits, you are encouraged to know how the process should be done or else, the results will be inaccurate.

The good thing about CLIA-Waived QuickScreen urine drug tests is you are given specific instructions as to how the procedure should be done, depending on the product you choose to use. Add to that, the brand also has some notes on how to read results accurately, whether positive, negative or invalid. This will make it easier for you then to get the reliable results you want while using the kits for your practice.

Sanitary Clean-Catch Cup

One of the factors affecting the reliability of urine drug test results is the cleanliness of the kit used in collecting samples. An unclean cup will certainly tamper the results of the test. CLIA-Waived QuickScreen urine drug testing cups are extremely clean and hygienic thus you can be sure you will get the most accurate results.

Accurate Urine Temperature Test

As a medical practitioner, you would certainly want to make sure that the specimens you collect from urine drug testing are valid. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA dictates that there should be a certain urine sample temperature that is acceptable within what is set by regulations. The good news is that the CLIA-Waived QuickScreen has a temperature strip that determines specimen validity. Add to that, it also comes with a built-in adulteration test to detect whether a specimen has been adulterated or diluted.

Where to Buy QuickScreen Drug Test Cups

CLIA-Waived QuickScreen urine drug tests live up to the promise of pain-free drug testing. Well, it is obvious that collecting urine samples is painless and this will certainly work much to your advantage when encouraging donors to take the test.

It is no doubt that CLIA-Waived QuickScreen urine drug testing kits offer advantages to users specifically to medical practitioners who want to encourage donors or patients to undergo drug testing. Look for this brand for convenient, pain-free, reliable testing procedures. Take advantage of bulk discounts and free shipping at TestCountry the next time you need to purchase instant QuickScreen Test Cups.

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