Breathalyzers and Alcohol Testing Devices from Q3 Innovations

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Published on Nov 7th, 2017

A Brief History

Q3 Innovations is based in Independence, Iowa and was founded back in 1999. The main focus of the company was and continues to be the development and distribution of personal safety and testing devices. The company has focused on crafting products that are ideal for unique situations which may not be appropriate for everyone but which can serve very practical purposes for many. As the need for these products began to increase, Q3 Innovations continued to expand its product line through new research. Today, Q3 Innovations offers a number of product brands, including ThermoHAWK, RadarHAWK, UVHAWK, and the popular AlcoHAWK.

Company Mission

The primary mission of Q3 Innovations has been to provide affordable, personal testing devices and other useful equipment that meets the needs of people today. These are products not widely available in your local retail store but which could play a vital role in the lives of many.


The Alcohawk line from Q3 Innovations includes both personal and professional testing devices to meet the ever-changing needs of society. Two series of Alcohawk products are available: one that uses semiconductors and the other which relies on fuel cells. The former is the best choice for affordable portable breathalyzers while the latter provides additional features, such as result printing capabilities, that would be more useful in professional situations.

If you want an Alcohawk product that is convenient for taking with you, either the Slim or the Slim 2 would be good choices. Both are priced below $80 and come with additional mouthpieces which mean you can safely test multiple people. Additional mouthpieces are available for purchase directly through Q3 Innovations. Several other models in this line meet the Department of Transportation standard for alcohol testing. That means you can be confident in the results you receive. The most expensive of these models at almost $160 even comes equipped with temperature sensors to make sure you are testing your breath in the optimal environment for accuracy.

The fuel cell Alcohawk models cost a bit more and come in two versions the gift box version for personal use and the professional version. The cost difference between the two versions can be between $30 and $300. Many of these units support wireless printing so you can have a hard copy of the results. This comes in handy when multiple people must be tested. The wireless printer costs an extra $400.

How it Works

When you first arrive at the Q3 Innovations site, you may be surprised to find they are one of the leading providers of breathalyzers in the country. However, a quick review of the Alcohawk line of products will confirm the company knows what it is doing. Plus, all of the items can be discreetly purchased directly through the site.

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