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Published on Nov 8th, 2017

Drug abuse remains a major concern on a global scale. In this article, we will look at the benefits of drug testing in your company, particularly through the use of Oratect 6-Panel Saliva Drug Test.

The Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit contains a saliva collection pad built into the end of the kit. The pad holds the device under the tongue until such time the saliva flows. Oratect is designed to require a smaller saliva sample to help shorten the initial phase of the test. It provides faster results compared to other oral testing kits. The Oratect Saliva Drug Test Kit is one of the best saliva drug test options you can find. Here's why:

  • FDA 510(K) Cleared for Compliance
  • Detects 6 Common Drugs of Abuse:
  • Amphetamines (AMP)
  • Cocaine (COC)
  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Methamphetamines (mAMP)
  • Opiates (OPI)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • Visual Results in 5 Minutes or Less
  • Perfect for Random, On-the-Spot Drug Testing

Oratect Drug Cutoff Levels

Another advantage of using Oratect is that marijuana use can be easily identified. The device is equipped with lower cut-off levels, which allows greater limits of detection to easily identify drug use.

Drug Name

Saliva Detection Time

Saliva Cut-Off Level


1-3 Days

50 ng/ml


1-3 Days

20 ng/ml


6-12 Hours

40 ng/ml


1-3 Days

50 ng/ml


2-5 Days

40 ng/ml


1-3 Days

10 ng/ml

Oratect Drug Test Instructions

The Oratect Saliva Drug Test makes drug screening quick, painless, and less embarrassing for everyone.

To use, simply:

  1. Remove the blue cap from the drug testing device.
  2. Swab the inside of the cheek and the top and bottom of the tongue about 15 times. The test device should also be held under the tongue to absorb more saliva. TIP: Rubbing the inside of the cheek helps stimulate saliva flow.
  3. Results are seen within 5 minutes -- the presence of colored lines indicate negative results, while the absence of lines indicates presumptive positive results.

Because it can detect drugs at lower concentrations than competing mouth swab drug tests, the highly accurate Oratect Saliva Drug Test determines a larger number of illegal substance abusers.

It also deters sample adulteration and tampering, since it makes use of saliva instead of urine.

The Oratect Saliva Drug Test is also more hygienic, avoids gender observation and requires minimal supervision for sample collection, making saliva drug testing an easy, convenient, one-step procedure for everyone.

Drugs in the Workplace

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, drug abuse can cost business owners in the United States over $140 billion dollars a year. With that enormous amount of loss, one can just imagine how it can be devastating not only to business owners as well as employees when the business suddenly closes down.

Some of the most common drugs abused in the workplace include alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, ecstasy and non-medical prescription drugs. Saliva drug testing keeps drugs at bay for cheap.

Benefits of Saliva Drug Testing

Drug abuse can be damaging to the workplace because it affects:

  • Productivity
  • Revenue
  • Employee Health and Safety
  • Paid Out Workers Compensation Claims
  • Medical Benefits Cost

Fortunately, studies show a decline in drug use within the workplace in recent years, especially after the implementation of drug testing. Other mouth swab drug tests like the 14 Panel SalivaConfirm Premium with Fentanyl, Alcohol, and K2 Spice can reverse the impact of workplace drug abuse in many ways:

Encourages Compliance with the Law

Some industries – like DOT transportation, mining, and construction – require employee drug testing. This is done to ensure that they keep themselves and others safe since they work serving the public and use of different types of machinery or heavy equipment.

Prevents Accidents

Substance use can lead to poor quality of work and carelessness. Aside from pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing may also be performed to identify and eliminate the possibilities of incurring accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Increases Productivity

When employees are monitored via drug testing, it increases productivity. Employees can invest their energy into their workload versus the source of an addiction when they're expected to be periodically drug tested.

Fewer Expenses

Drug testing decreases a company’s health insurance premiums by decreasing drug-related illnesses. By reducing the rate of workplace injuries and accidents, drug testing can also help decrease Worker's Compensation Claims.

Company Culture

Drug testing serves as a warning to employees by providing them with information about the ill effects of drug use. This prevents employees from using them and eventually pushes them to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Types of Drug Testing for Employees

Realizing the importance of drug testing in the workplace, employers have turned to various kinds of drug testing options:

Pre-employment Drug Test

As part of the hiring process, companies require applicants to submit themselves to a drug test. This will ensure that they can become part of the company’s goal of providing a healthy and safe workplace.

Random Drug Test

This type of drug testing is the company’s means of preventing employee workplace drug abuse. It is found to be the most effective deterrent to employee workplace drug use. Implementing this kind of testing leaves the thought to the employees that they need to stay clean in order for them to keep their jobs.

Post-Accident Drug Test

For instances where an employee may have met an accident while working – particularly when dealing with heavy equipment – a drug test may be required to determine if drug use was the cause of the accident.

Return-to-Duty Drug Test

These are for employees who were found to be positive with drugs and who were sent for rehabilitation. If their company's written Drug-Free Workplace Policy allows for re-hire after a policy rule violation, this type of drug testing is required to ensure that the employee returns clean. It also eliminates the possibility of meeting another accident in the workplace.

Follow-Up Drug Test

To ensure that an employee remains drug-free, all suspended employees due to drug use need to submit themselves for this kind of drug testing.

Saliva Drug Test Accuracy

One major advantage of choosing a saliva drug test is that collecting the saliva specimen is quick and easy.

  • Eliminates uncomfortable gender observation
  • No instruments required
  • Room temperature storage
  • Simple, non-invasive, one-step procedure
  • Simultaneous testing for 6 kinds of drugs

It is highly unlikely that the sample specimen can be adulterated since it is collected by a medical staff, and the individual being tested may not be able to add an adulterant into the sample. Although some people claim that gargling a few times prior to taking the test may result in a negative drug test, this has been denied by medical professionals. Therefore, the possible adulteration or substitution of the specimen is eliminated using a saliva drug test.

Final Word

Drug testing in the workplace is something that every company should consider. It should be seen as something that would push the company to a better standing, in which they are seen by others as a very credible business with competent employees.

Cleaning up the workforce is now made easier by choosing a non-invasive approach to drug testing. The cost may be a bit more expensive than what they have been accustomed to. But choosing saliva drug testing easily identifies individuals who need to undergo treatment and guidance before they can return to work normalcy.

In other words, identifying drug users is not merely for the sake of keeping the workplace safe, but also to help the individuals return to their normal lives.

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