Innovacon Drug Testing Products

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Published on Nov 7th, 2017

A Brief History

Formerly known as ACON Laboratories, Innovacon offers affordable rapid test kits. As mentioned above, Innovacon began its existence as ACON Laboratories. After April 2006, however, the company was acquired by Inverness Medical Innovations. ACON had already established a name for itself during its eight years in the field. The company specialized in providing diagnostic testing supplies in several medical areas, including infectious disease, cardiac and tumor markers, and fertility issues. However, one of the fastest growing segments of their business then and now is the drug detection aspect. Innovacon's fast-acting drug tests are available throughout the world, including the United States.

Company Mission

Before and after the purchase, Innovacon has always been committed to providing customers with the highest quality testing equipment at the most affordable prices possible. Additionally, Innovacon believes in offering flexible options. For this reason, their products are offered in customizable formats so customers can create their own brand for the testing equipment.


Innovacon offers a wide range of products that can meet the drug testing needs of law enforcement agencies, hospitals and labs, and even employers who need to be confident about the employees they hire. A large number of these drug tests have been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States. Others have been made available in Canada and in other parts of the world.

Innovacon provides a number of tests that are designed to test for a single drug. These would be good choices for hospitals or police forces who suspect an individual has taken a particular type of drug. Some of these tests are for drugs, such as amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamines, opiates, methadone, morphine, ecstasy, marijuana, and oxycodone. Innovacon also provides dozens of drug tests which will test for multiple types of drugs. Most of these involve urine samples but a couple will work with saliva samples.

In addition to more traditional types of drug tests, Innovacon also offers some of the newest variations, including the all-in-one testing cup. The sample is collected in the cup, and the test is done automatically without having to transfer the sample onto another device. Other tests are designed specifically for in-home use.

Products are also available in single units or in packs of up to 50 tests. All of the tests which are available can be custom molded to meet your needs and can have customized labeling and/or packaging.

How it Works

The Innovacon website may not be the easiest to use. However, you will have a clear visual view of all the products the company offers and where they are available for sale. Another unique feature of Innovacon is that visitors can also become distributors. Distributors can provide the products to every corner of the globe, including North America and the European Community. The website also provides a list of trade shows in which Innovacon will be appearing. The company moves throughout the world, including Washington DC and Germany.

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