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Published on Aug 26th, 2020

Alere Toxicology is the company behind some of the leading drug abuse screening/testing solutions for employers, recruitment agencies, parents and school administrators, government agencies, law enforcement, doctors’ offices, rehab centers, occupational health centers, pain management centers and resellers.

The company provides lab testing services (hair/saliva/urine drug testing); lab support services (collection site management and results-reporting); professional screening devices (cotinine/urine/alcohol screening devices) and complementary products used for point of care testing.

Brief History

Alere Toxicology Services, Inc. was originally known as Kroll Laboratory Specialists, Inc. It was founded in 1978 and based in Gretna, Louisiana with remote operations in other parts of the US, Canada and the UK. In 2010, Kroll Laboratory Specialists, Inc. was changed to its current name when it became a subsidiary of Alere, Inc., a global leader in the diagnostic test device and service provider industry. Alere Inc. was a double awardee in the “16th Annual National Health Information Program” which recognizes the “best consumer health information programs and materials in the US”.

Product Portfolio

Alere Toxicology has a current inventory of over 300 configurations of validity test devices for alcohol, drugs and biological specimen and complementary collection kits, testing supplies, chain of custody forms, and shipping supplies. Some of the most popular are listed below:

• Alere™ DDS®2 Mobile Test System

• Alere™ Instrumented Test System with DxLINK™ Technology

E-Z Split Key Cup®

• iCassette Dx®

• iCassette®

• iCup2® Test

iCup® AD Drug Screen

• iScreen Dx®

iScreen OFD Test


Hiring companies that require pre-employment drug screening and testing centers all over the world realize huge savings by choosing accurate and reliable drug screening devices. With so many similar products in the market, their best bet is to rely on the reputation of the companies behind these products. Alere is a prominent and well respected name in the industry with a huge global presence and many top quality products to their name. Many of Alere Toxicology’s top selling drug testing devices are proudly offered right here on Test Country. Their products consistently receive excellent reviews from satisfied clients. Please check out our complete line of Alere products and don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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