SalivaConfirm™ Saliva Drug Test Certification

Certificate: SalivaConfirm™ Saliva Drug Test

PRODUCT TRAINING CERTIFICATE: Confirm BioSciences product training certification ensures that collection, device testing and result interpretation are performed in a manner consistent with manufacturer recommendations. Confirm BioSciences product training certification is NOT an accredited proficiency certification for DOT or workplace specimen collection/testing. Contact DATIA, SAPAA or Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance (DOT) for more information on specimen collection/testing certification.

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Name Business Email Phone Number
The absence of a line next to the T indicates a _____ for that particular drug:
What do these screening results indicate? 
How long should you wait after a person has ate or drank before performing the oral specimen collection?
After collecting the specimen, what's the next step that should be followed?
Where are the lot number and expiration date of the test device located?
What is the appropriate abbreviation for Amphetamines?
If no control (C) line develops, what should you do?
What is the appropriate abbreviation for Marijuana?
When should alcohol test results be read?
When should drug test results be read?