HairConfirm™ Business Hair Drug Test Certification

HairConfirm™ Hair Follicle Drug Test Training & Certification

PRODUCT TRAINING CERTIFICATE: Confirm BioSciences product training certification ensures that collection, device testing and result interpretation are performed in a manner consistent with manufacturer recommendations. Confirm BioSciences product training certification is NOT an accredited proficiency certification for DOT or workplace specimen collection/testing. Contact DATIA, SAPAA or Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance (DOT) for more information on specimen collection/testing certification.

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In order to achieve a 90-day detection history, what length of hair is needed for the sample?
Is hair from a hair brush a valid, legally accepted specimen type?
Before starting the collection, what should be done with the Hair Specimen Pouch?
How many strands of hair does the lab need to perform an analysis and confirmation testing?
When collecting head hair, where is the BEST place on the head to collect a sample?
What should you do with the scissors before collecting a sample?
It is required to view the donor's photo I.D. before collecting a specimen.
What should you do if the donor has head hair that's less than 0.5"?
What pages of the Custody and Control Form should you send with the sample to the lab?
How close to the scalp should you cut the donor's hair?