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    • Reduce Turnaround Time with Fast Results
    • Provide Necessary Tools to Streamline Procedures
    • Maximizing Space Minimizes Cost
    • Poor Social Skills Compromise Patient-Provider Rapport
    • Shortened Memory Increases Likelihood of Non-Compliance
    • Non-Compliance Translates to Additional Cost
    • The Role of Empathy in Clinical Relationships

Corporate Fact Sheet

Founded in 2008 by Zeynep Ilgaz


Partnered with 12,000+ laboratory sites throughout the United States


Like you, our goal is to excel at what we do. Confirm BioSciences is a trailblazer in supplying health and wellness testing kits and laboratory solutions. Our products and services are innovative, reliable and cost-effective. We share your corporate values. Confirm BioSciences is a global supplier of millions of drug tests to every imaginable industry. We bolster businesses of any size and owe our reputation to our diverse clientele.  


Our thought leaders in Research & Development invent groundbreaking ideas and manifest them into our full listing of patent-pending products and services.  


When we work with our customers, our goal is to make their lives easier. Thorough quality control and superior customer service keeps us honest, and you happy. Watch our story unfold here.


Quality and affordability are an inextricable duo. We leverage available resources and flexibility in each of our client relationships to provide you with a costeffective business strategy.  


Steady growth pivots our relationships. Combining technical wisdom, quality control and ethical practice is our client commitment. We care about the people you serve because they matter to you.  


5 is a hopeful number. We respond to drug-afflicted communities by donating 5% of our total annual profit to local charities & initiatives worldwide. Money matters, but people matter more.  


Zeynep Ilgaz fosters our lively, ambitious team. She calls us to act with creativity, energy and philanthropy. With our combined talents, we master channel partnerships and garner market opportunities.

Commitment to Our Clinical Clients

Clinicians play a vital role in a patient’s journey to recovery. There are many avenues along which illicit drugs can be obtained, but most of them lead to the doctor’s office.Successful rehabilitation depends on a patient’s adherence to their prescribed plan of care. Drug testing gauges the effectiveness of treatment so primary care providers can make adjustments accordingly. Our full range of products, from urinalysis kits to saliva tests, are recovery catalysts.As a supplier of the tools necessary to combat the drug pandemic, Confirm BioSciences caters to the broad spectrum of individuals involved in healthcare delivery. We recognize that compliance is nurtured,not by broad-brush intervention, but through innovation, reliability and empathy. We are dedicated to generating awareness around substance abuse because education is the best medicine.  


Advocacy for proper and safe patient care is our main objective. Our tests are designed to yield the most accurate, unmistakable results so that practitioners can focus on developing continuity in their patient relationships. Confirm BioSciences’ expansive network of channel partners includes accredited laboratories, behavioral health consultants and reliable manufacturers. Years of combined experience fuels our innovation in the field of drug testing.
  • Fully licensed and accredited products
  • Wide scope of rapid drug test panels available
  • Non-invasive alternatives to traditional tests
  • Immediate reporting shortens turnaround
  • Customizable solutions to suit your unique care setting
  • Training & Certification Knowledge Center for your security
  • Early detection mechanisms reduce the nation’s health care expenses
  • Our People Over Profit model delivers 5% of total profits to charitable organizations


Whether you are a primary care provider, hospital specialist, laboratory technician, or awaiting residency, one commonality among clinical professionals is a dense schedule. Decision-makers need to be selective before seeking suppliers and implementing procedures to avoid time mismanagement through prolonged training. We strive to provide top-tier customer service and technical support for all of our products in order to preserve as much of your time as possible. Training Manuals for proper use of our products are accessible here.
This is the revolutionary product lab professionals have been waiting for. VacuLid is a closed-system urine collection device that is increasingly sought after in high volume clinical settings. VacuLid streamlines the collection process, conserves storage space and prevents leakage. Paired with a POC cup and vacuette tube, this urine transfer system draws urine in seconds via natural capillary action. VacuLid systems improve workload capacity and minimize human error, while upholding sanitation and quick turnaround.


Outperforming conventional drug testing protocol, VacuLid systems are essential within clinical and treatment settings. Vacuum urine transfer maximizes efficiency, reduces biological contact and saves a tremendous amount of costs associated with specimen storage and shipment. VacuLid is quickly becoming a favorite throughout the clinical sphere -- setting a new standard.


  • Use with Point-of-Care (POC)urine drug test cups, 5-14 panels
  • Eliminates urine exposure and contamination risk
  • Maximizes laboratory efficiency
  • 400% increase in shipping volume over cost
  • Leakage during shipmentreduced by 5-7%
  • Tubed specimen improves sanitation & time management
  • Maximize storage space by eliminating bulk of cup
  • Customized bundles contain POC Cup & Vacuette tubes

Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse Statistics

The prevalence of drug abuse is a result of soaring manufacturing and distribution set against annual reductions to the nation’s healthcare budget. Consistently promoting awareness of pharmaceutical drug abuse can safeguard against illicit activities and encourage cost-effective practices throughout the healthcare industry.


people die each day in the United States


people become Prescription drug abusers each day in the United States


Prescription pills are project to be manufactured in 2017, enough to fill thirty-nine Boeing 777s
  1. Understanding the Epidemic. (2016, December 16). Retrieved April 11, 2017 from
  2. How many people abuse prescription drugs? (n.d.). Retrieved April 11, 2017 from prescription-drugs/trends-in-prescription-drug-abuse/how-many-people-abuse-prescription-drugs
  3. Aggregate Production Quota History for Selected Substances:

Illicit Drug Use Across Age Groups As Of 2015 (in thousands)4

  • Age12-17
  • Age18-25
  • Age26 and Above










= 1000 Deaths in 2014
1700 young adults aged 18-25 diedin 2014 from prescription drug abuse,which equals 5 youth deaths each day 5


of nationwide prescription medication plans end up being changed through PDMPs 6

6 Ways to Control Sample Integrity During Collection

Generally, laboratory practice can be broken down into collection, analysis and delivery procedures.Proven quality control measures need to be implemented at every stage in order to maintain sample integrity and avoid inconsistencies.

Organize and preserve

Frequently reorganizing storage maximizes capacity, and boosts productivity. Keeping a portion of a sample after a test is conducted provides insurance in case a test needs to be reanalyzed.

Use closed systems whenever possible

Closed systems are useful in many testing formats, like urinalysis.They eliminate environmental exposure, which reduces specimen contamination and improves quality control.

Report false positives before a second test is ordered for MRO review

If confirmation testing is required upon obtaining false positive or negative results, the first step is to retain a portionof the sample. Confirmation tests must be factored into daily operating procedures to preserve cost and time effectiveness, so share preliminary results with the order source.

Label and disclose

Identify as much information as possible on each specimen,e.g. donor name, provider information, type of test, etc.This eases communication between lab specialists, while preventing misidentification of specimens.

Consult inserts for CLIA Waived mechanisms

Training procedures are not required when using waived testing devices. However, it is paramount to visit product inserts to ensure quality control and honor expiration dates.

Track specimen volume from each referral source

Record the volume of specimen analysis orders obtained from each client. This allows laboratories to manage their time and resources in advance based on average volume projections.
Enforcing these techniques will uphold the credibility of your laboratory and staff by preserving time and expenses. In a highly competitive and mandated industry, laboratories must garner reliability and foster confidence from referral sources.

Coupling Drug Testing with PDMPs

Deemed an epidemic by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription drug abuse has unleashed seismic devastation across the United States. Overdose-related emergencies have doubled in the last seven years, according to the Drug Abuse Warning Network. Emerging in response to this trend are preventative measures known as PDMPs.

PDMP Overview

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are implemented throughout every state in the country in an effort to combat drug abuse. A standard PDMP is designed to aggregate data across a statewide network of pharmaceutical dispensaries and clinical settings. PDMPs can hold physicians and other healthcare providers accountable for malpractice. The ultimate goal is to deflate the number of “doctor shoppers” and “pill mills” by tracking the source and frequency of prescriptions issued to atients.

The Clinical Impact of PDMPs

PDMPs encourage continuity in patient-provider relationships by controlling plan of care consistency. 41% of PDMP programs resulted in a revised dosage or new prescription, accounting for nearly half of all prescription medication cases7. Prescribing treatment is often a trial and error procedure, and PDMPs provide the data necessary to make adjustments.

Benefits of Coupling Drug Testing with PDMPs

Drug screening methods, like urinalysis, are an inextricable component of prescription drug monitoring. The CDC’s recommendation for drug testing is 3 times per year per patient8. Frequent screening ensures that prescriptions do not contraindicate treatment for comorbid conditions.Drug tests also measure the concentration of drugs within a sample to ensure the dosage is administered to the correct individual. Drug testing must be intensively integrated as a comprehensive,costeffective way to measure PDMP success.
Confirm BioSciences’ channel network of accredited laboratories, behavioral health consultants and reliable manufacturers can assist with PDMP implementation. Years of combined drug testing experience provide an effective solution to the sweeping drug epidemic.
  • Griggs, Christopher A., Scott G. Weiner, and James A. Feldman. "Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: Examining Limitations and Future Approaches." Western Journal of Emergency Medicine. Department of Emergency Medicine, University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, Jan. 2015. Web. 11 Apr. 20
  • State Strategies for Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse:

Prescription Opioid Overdose Deaths by State (per 100,000 residents)9

Individuals Reporting Illicit Drug Dependence or Abuse in the Past Year." The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. N.p., 01 Mar. 2017. Retrieved June 6, 2017 from
  • Alabama - 174
  • Alaska - 67
  • Arizona - 406
  • Arkansas - 186
  • California - 1414
  • Colorado - 328
  • Connecticut - 412
  • Delaware - 77
  • District of Columbia - 49
  • Florida - 1417
  • Georgia - 694
  • Hawaii - 50
  • Idaho - 73
  • Illinois - 588
  • Indiana - 279
  • Iowa - 122
  • Kansas - 127
  • Kentucky - 644
  • Louisiana - 149
  • Maine - 203
  • Maryland - 747
  • Massachusetts - 1132
  • Michigan - 873
  • Minnesota - 221
  • Mississippi - 110
  • Missouri - 439
  • Montana - 40
  • Nebraska - 48
  • Nevada - 316
  • New Hampshire - 340
  • New Jersey - 473
  • New Mexico - 211
  • New York - 1390
  • North Carolina - 864
  • North Dakota - 22
  • Ohio - 1800
  • Oklahoma - 389
  • Oregon - 228
  • Pennsylvania - 853
  • Rhode Island - 216
  • South Carolina - 468
  • South Dakota - 21
  • Tennessee - 853
  • Texas - 724
  • Utah - 423
  • Vermont - 57
  • Virginia - 548
  • Washington - 400
  • West Virginia - 512
  • Wisconsin - 385
  • Wyoming - 36

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Drug Test

There are several factors to determine which drug test type is most suitable for your patient. Some tests offer longer detection windows, while others can test more drugs of abuse. This flowchart will enable you to narrow your selection. View our full product line here  


Although saliva tests have a shorter detection window (usually 6-12+ hours),they offer the benefits of immediate reporting, non-invasiveness, and mobility.


Urine tests are the most frequently ordered test in clinical settings. They offer a large detection window, and detect drugs at reasonably low cut-off levels. Urinalysis is a cost-effective drug testing strategy.


Of all the sample types, hair offers the longest detection window. Hair drug tests can identify drug abuse 90 days prior to analysis. These tests are noninvasive, and samples are easy to collect.

SalivaConfirm Premium

For a comprehensive saliva drug test that yields lab-grade results, SalivaConfirm Premium is a perfect solution.
  • Tests for up to 12 common drugs of
  • abuse, plus alcohol
  • 5, 6, 10 & 12 panel configurations
  • Ability to detect drug use hours
  • before urine testing
  • No bathroom needed
  • Optional saturation indicator available

DrugConfirm Advanced

This comprehensive urine test instantly detects up to 18 different drugs of abuse, plus adulterants
  • Tests for 18 common drugs of abuse
  • 5-14 panel configurations
  • Results in minutes
  • Synthetic drugs including Fentanyl,and EtG 80hr Alcohol available


Our trademarked hair drug test detects commonly abused substances 90 days prior to screening.
  • Tests for up to 12 of the most
  • common drugs of abuse
  • Longest drug detection cut-off time
  • Extended sample lifetime
  • Results documented electronically

Drug Test Product FAQs


Do your products have any type of certification?

Many of our testing products are CLIA Waived, FDA Approved,Health Canada Checked and CE Marked. We care about global outreach, that’s why we’ve obtained as many accreditations as possible.

How many tests come in a single order?

  • Urine test cups: 25 cups per box
  • Dip cards: 25 dips per box
  • Saliva tests: 25 tests per box

What are the average detection windows?

Detection cut-offs vary based on specimen type, as well as the drugs being tested.
  • Saliva test: 12-24 hours
  • Urine test: 24-72 hours
  • Hair test: 30-90 days
A detection window chart for all specimen types can be found here.

How soon will results be available?

Our products are rapid and quality controlled. With the exception of tests that require additional laboratory testing, our results are instant, accurate and ready in minutes.

What temperature should I store my products?

To preserve shelf-life, most products should be stored between 2°C and 30°C (40°F and 86°F). Each product has unique handling properties, so please consult the product insert.

What is the typical product shelf life?

We are dedicated to only selling products with a prolonged shelf-life. Generally, our merchandise provides accurate results within a 12-18 month window.

Considerations for Clinical Procurement

Research is imperative when designing and coordinating protocol in high-volume clinical settings. Adopted practices should be affordable and conducive to efficient workflow Procurement Specialist responsibilities involve all areas of implementing new equipment and operating procedures. This role must balance innovation and consistency, and there are several ways to do so.


Procurement Managers must negotiate supplies at the best possible rate. When sourcing products, one should consider if prescribed disposal methods will affect long-term costs. Maintain that orders are received in a timely fashion. One delayed shipment can throw carefully scheduled operations into upheaval.


Find reliable, competitive suppliers with positive reviews who can customize orders and negotiate prices. Rigid retailers will wreak havoc on clinical performance.Healthcare settings can uphold their culture by working with companies who practice corporate social responsibility.


Assess the ease of use of new and old supplies, as well as their delivered outcomes. Products may have a high defect rate, or the supplier’s schedule is sporadic.The way product reports are delivered can influence your clients. While some prefer paper recordkeeping, others utilize EMR systems.


Encourage open communication between management and staff. Lab specialists need to be coachable and willing to adopt new protocol when appropropriate.Resources offered through lab settings need to empower technicians. Staff must be transparent in communicating gaps in training or defects in products.

Laboratory Guide to Effective Specimen Shipping


Specimen leakage pours funding down the drain, literally.

As intermediaries in the clinical sphere, laboratories incur the added stress of overseeing proper specimen handling, storage and delivery. Shipping is an inextricable component of laboratory workflow.Specimens need to be handled with care and precision,which is not always feasible under the stress of delivery. Unfortunately, the False Claims Act and other healthcare mandates do not reimburse replacement tests as a result of specimen leakage or contamination during transport. Measures to mitigate this risk must be applied as part of responsible clinical practice.
Multiple couriers suggest using tape and other adhesives to seal containers holding biological specimens. However,this is only cost-effective in the short-term, as tape does not completely eliminate the threat of leakage. Improper removal of adhesives can also tear labels which document important information. Moreover, tape may attract contaminants that compromise the integrity of the sample.


Instruments like VacuLid and other urine transfer systems are long-term risk mitigators and cost savers. This procedure draws specimens into a virtually impenetrable vacuette tube. When adopted in large-scale high-volume test settings, the threat of spills caused by shipping and collection is eliminated.Using instruments with integrated preservation mechanisms will reduce the overall workload of your healthcare setting.To learn more about Vacuum urine transfer, please refer to our VacuLid Product Page.

Innovating Drug Testing to Serve Laboratory Professionals

Integrating CLIA Waived tests alongside traditional forms of specimen analysis will allow laboratories to sustain and enhance operations in an increasingly restrictive industry. Learn how VacuLid has become the latest innovation in laboratory testing here.

Reduce Turnaround Time with Fast Results

Medical Laboratory Professionals are often pressed for time, and efficiency is paramount in order to swiftly, yet accurately process specimens. Quality control measures are not necessary when using CLIA Waived drug tests, unlike traditional urinalysis procedures Integrated panels provide results in minutes through a built-in reporting system, thereby reducing average detection wait times.

Provide Necessary Tools to Streamline Procedures

Lab instruments should optimize, not compromise, the precision of a test. Precision requires stateof-the-art equipment, paired with hundreds of hours of expertise. Customizable bulk orders suit the volume demands of any laboratory setting Innovative products are designed to minimize human error and maximize reporting accuracy

Maximizing Space Minimizes Cost

Reducing waste and increasing storage space enables laboratory specialists to process a greater volume of specimens without impeding workflow traffic. Products like VacuLid Urine Transfer Device can transfer samples into vacuette tubes without compromising sanitation Shipping vacuettes instead of cups reduces shipping expenses
Laboratory specialists are responsible for delivering a vast breadth of services, and are the nucleus of successful healthcare. All of our products are designed to accommodate this pivotal segment of the healthcare industry.

Challenges of Treating Patients with Addictions and Mental Health Issues

The diminishing stigma around mental health reveals a strong link between psychology and addiction,which clinicians must now contend with. According to a 2014 SAMHSA report, 3% of all American adults have a history of drug abuse paired with any diagnosed mental illness10. Behavior associated with mental health disorders such as poor social skills, forgetfulness and perceived lack of care will seriously affect the compliance rate of a physician’s prescribed plan for substance abuse prevention.

Poor Social Skills Compromise Patient-Provider Rapport

Poor social skills manifested by a failure to communicate effectively or honestly with healthcare providers can lead to inaccurate documentation of results. Furthermore, a patient’s inclination towards secrecy can break down the patient-provider relationship, and ultimately negate the treatment plan.

Shortened Memory Increases Likelihood of Non-Compliance

Affected memory is a concern for drug abuse patients, as they are more likely to forget a physician’s verbal order. A simple solution is transcribing treatment onto paper, as the longevity of written instruction can improve the compliance rate. This strategy is especially beneficial for patients who cope with anxiety in healthcare settings, and neglect to retain the Plan of Care as they bolt for the nearest exit.

Non-Compliance Translates to Additional Cost

Non-compliance results in additional health care costs, as outpatients are converted to inpatients who have more urgent conditions. Fortunately, by identifying characteristics of mental health disorders, providers can break the barriers in upholding treatment for substance abuse.

The Role of Empathy in Clinical Relationships

Increasing compliance and cost-effectiveness boils down to a refined expression of empathy on the physician’s end. Articulated concern will help the patient feel like they are in a safe environment to help for their addiction. It will additionally encourage an open relationship between both parties.To learn more about how to help those afflicted with substance abuse, visit Confirm BioSciences’ Knowledge Center.
Behavioral Health Trends in the United States: Results from the 2014 national Survey on Drug Use and Health

Laboratory Testing Supplies


Drug tests with no mess.


Plain Transfer Cups in Various Sizes


Compatible POC Collection coups


Vacuette Tubes




Specimen Transport Bags


Absorbent Pads


Urinalysis has never been more refined.

Modernize traditional lab practice and offer value to your clients with an all-inclusive VacuLid solution. Cost-effective shipping and maximal storage space are only a few perks of using vacuum urine transfer. When it comes to time management, VacuLid answers the call. Take advantage of our collection of VacuLid accessories, and let your urinalysis flow effortlessly.
VacuLid safely contains a repressed needle to suction specimens into an inserted vacuette. Handle VacuLid with care in a controlled, medical setting. Optimal for outpatient use and supervised inpatient collection.

DrugConfirm Advanced CLIA-Waived Cup


DrugConfirm Advanced. Fast & Enhanced.



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