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When it comes to workplace drug testing, every penny counts.

The workplace is not immune to the drug abuse epidemic. But it can be daunting for staffing and recruiting agencies to integrate drug screening programs without the proper knowledge.

Let’s start with some hard numbers.

Sobering Drug Abuse Statistics


  • Every year, enough people to fill Fenway Park Stadium are lost to substance abuse in the United States. Drugs are prolific in every industry.


  • According to the Center for Disease Control, 91 people in the United States die each day as a result of a drug or alcohol addiction.


  • The United States pays over 700 billion dollars to cover workplace healthcare costs and absenteeism caused by substance abuse.


  • One bad hire can cost employers upwards of $7000. A fraction of this amount offers sizeable savings when invested into pre-employment screening and periodic drug testing. Drug testing not only fits your budget, it’s a long-term money maker.


  • Untreated alcoholism in the workplace results in an average of 15 employee sick days per year. An environment where health and safety are valued ensures fewer absences and late arrivals.


The good news is 56% of employers use pre employment drug testing, and this majority is growing. Most employers realize pre employment drug testing reduces turnover by immediately establishing an applicant’s drug abuse history.

Unfortunately, some employers view drug testing as a “necessary evil” because the ROI may not seem obvious. Requesting and handling biological samples might also create a few awkward scenarios.

But gone are the days of invasive drug testing.

New drug test options like integrated urine cups, saliva drug tests and hair follicle exams can actually provide your applicants with a comfortable donor experience 
with or without a restroom. 


Whether you’re an Area Manager, Human Resources Officer or Private Business Owner, there’s a drug test that’s right for you.

Top 3 Workplace Drug Testing Methods:

Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug test cups are the most commonly used workplace drug testing method which can be applied in any setting. The cost of implementing a drug testing program is remarkably low when purchasing urine cups.Confirm BioSciences Drug Test Panels IconReading a urine drug test is easy with integrated panels that display the presence of drug metabolites.  The right drug test supplier can customize the number of panels contained in drug test cups. Instant urine drug screening detects multiple drugs of abuse 24-72 hours after intoxication.

Urine drug testing is best suited where hundreds or thousands of specimens need to be analyzed on a regular basis:


  • Healthcare Organizations and Laboratories, where CLIA Waived drug testing is required
  • Vehicle Operators, who must undergo mandatory DOT drug testing
  • Hazardous Workplaces, where random and periodic drug and alcohol testing is conducted onsite

Saliva Drug Tests

Using an oral fluid drug test is the latest trend in drug testing. Discomfort is a thing of the past now that oral fluid devices eliminate the need for a bathroom door. Adulteration is virtually impossible through direct specimen collection by a Substance Abuse professional (SAP), and results populate instantly.

SalivaConfirm Premium Saliva Drug Test Kit

Oral fluid exams offer detection times as early as 6-24 hours post drug use. Saliva drug testing is a mid-priced option on the drug test cost spectrum.

Saliva drug testing is best suited within zero-tolerance workplace settings where drug use of any kind will devastate performance and risk lives:


  • Manufacturing and Construction Agencies, where hazardous equipment is engaged on a regular basis
  • Staffing Firms, where pre employment drug screening is mandatory
  • Educational Institutions, if there is suspicion of student drug abuse

Hair Follicle Drug Tests

Hair is the hardest specimen to adulterate. For utmost reliability, hair follicle drug testing is conducted in a lab setting where a Medical Review Officer (MRO) can confirm presumptive positive results.

How to Perform a Hair Follicle Drug Test Graphic

Hair follicle exams provide the longest timeline of substance abuse. This workplace drug testing method can identify drug abuse history up to 90 days after intoxication. Laboratory confirmed results are returned to the donor or Third Party Administrator (TPA) within 1-3 business days.

Hair drug testing is used to establish an individual’s history of drug abuse in the following environments:


  • Law Enforcement and Probation Programs, to determine parole eligibility
  • Sober Homes and Addiction Treatment Centers, to ensure patient compliance
  • Adoption Background Checks, to prevent improper child placement

For added security, hair follicle drug test results are delivered through a  confidential electronic platform. As an employer, you no longer need to worry about compromising privacy of information.


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Workplace Drug Testing Product Certifications

Confirm BioSciences Chain of Custody Form IconYour Employee Handbook should clearly outline your workplace drug testing policy. An expectation of drug testing can motivate your employees to stay sober.

Never impose a drug test without first obtaining a signed Chain of Custody Form. Conducting Random or Periodic testing without worker consent may lead to noncompliance charges from The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)Department of Transportation (DOT) and other regulatory bodies.

CLIA Waived Drug Tests

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Waived status is offered on medical supplies designed with minimal risk of human error. CLIA Waived products are reliable enough to use inside or outside of a laboratory setting. CLIA Waived drug tests are automatically FDA approved.

CLIA Waived tests are approved for use in safety-sensitive settings such as manufacturing plants, or precision health facilities like laboratories. 
Only CLIA Waived drug tests are eligible for medical reimbursement.

2. FDA Approved Drug Tests

Drug testing tools with a seal from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are safe for private use and are tested for repeatability. FDA approved drug tests are most sought by staffing and recruiting firms.

3. Forensic Use Drug Tests

Forensic Use drug tests can identify a broad list of drugs of abuse including alcohol, ketamine, tramadol, fentanyl, LSD, etc. Forensic Only drug testing can be used to detect drug abuse within in educational, governmental and rehabilitation facilities.

Next Level Drug Testing Services

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Automatic Ordering: Net 30 plans for corporate buyers removes the hassle of placing calls to reorder drug screens. Orders can be placed automatically by a Sales Representative upon your request.


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Workplace Drug Testing Training: Customer Service Agents are trained to provide you with information to ensure proper use of their drug tests.



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Delivery Options: If you have an urgent need for drug testing supplies, perhaps due to an accident, injury, or suspicion, find a workplace drug testing supplier who offers express shipping.

Workplace Drug Testing is Easy

Strict, zero-tolerance workplace drug testing policies should not cause alarm. The fear associated with drug testing can be lifted through reliable quality control mechanisms.  

Implementing workplace drug testing with minimal employee backlash is possible by incentivizing a periodic drug testing policy.

“Opt-in” drug screening programs
 that offer bonuses can boost morale by rewarding employees who voluntarily partake in workplace drug testing. 

No matter the policy chosen, you can avoid scrutiny from regulatory bodies as long as your workplace drug testing program is clearly described and agreed upon.

For a comprehensive guide to workplace drug testing, best practices when implementing drug testing in the workplace, and other drug abuse statistics, download our Drug Testing Handbook.


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Employers are becoming more aware of the benefits of workplace drug testing, and the repercussions of not having a reliable screening strategy in place. Keep your company aligned and on the wagon with a drug testing solution customized just for you.