Reasons Why Schools Need to Drug Test Students

Drug testing in any environment has solicited different reactions. However, it is not difficult to see how drug tests and ensuring that no one in the community abuses drugs can be helpful to everyone. In schools, for instance, having a drug-free program in place will not only protect the school from drug-related scandals, but will more importantly protect its students from the dangers of drug abuse. Here are some of the reasons why school administrators need to consider drug testing students: Better Student Performance Drug abuse can impair a student’s learning, memory, abstract thinking, problem-solving and perceptual motor skills. Studies have shown that students who abuse drugs and alcohol get lower grades in school. Drugs compromises the student’s ability to retain information and learning becomes more challenging. No matter what the lesson is, the teacher will find it extra difficult to teach a student who is abusing drugs. Reduced Rate of School Dropouts Drug abuse in students has been positively related to dropping out of high school. The use of drugs among teens increase the risk of delinquency and unsafe practices, such as unprotected sex and multiple partners. These may soon lead to teens dropping out due to very low grades, too much pressure or unplanned pregnancy. Better Student Behavior Drug abuse may promote aggression, violence and other behavioral problems. Teens who use drugs are more likely to be delinquent and join gangs. This puts not only the student abusing drugs in danger but his peers as well.

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