Product News: HairConfirm Excites Drug Testing Market

The world is on the lookout for dependable and higher quality drug testing kits that are not only accurate but also convenient. Confirm BioSciences understands this, and that’s why it has continued to develop drug test kits to address this public need. hairconfirmThis is probably the reason why HairConfirm hair follicle drug testing created such a buzz in the drug testing market. Six weeks after it was released, our breakthrough product has piqued the interest of distributors and retailers, prompting more than 20 of them to commit towards selling the product. Joseph Reilly — who represents one of the early distributors of HairConfirm and works as chairman of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association board of directors — emphasized the impact of this new product on the general public. “Parents have been asking for a product like this for several years, many prefer a hair test to an instant urine test and like the fact that the hair test goes back several months in detecting drug use. We expect this product to be a big seller,” said Reilly in a press release. Confirm BioSciences has also signed an agreement with online retail giant Amazon to push through with the company’s plan to distribute HairConfirm online. Meanwhile, the company is also in talks with popular pharmacy store chains to distribute the product further. According to Confirm BioSciences president and CEO Zeynep Ilgaz, HairConfirm has become a concrete solution to drug testing needs of individuals and families. “The feedback we have gotten from parents that have used the test has been overwhelming. It is a good feeling to know that we’re making a difference in those family’s lives. By drug testing at home, parents are not only confronting the problem but also are doing something about it,” Ilgaz said. Read more about HairConfirm™ Hair Follicle Drug Test, here.