Product News: Now Offers LeadConfirm Professional for Better Lead Testing

Published on: July 2, 2009

Written by: Confirm BioSciences.

Lead exposure is one of the worst health risks in the world, affecting almost a million children worldwide. Some of the effects of lead poisoning in children include “speech delay, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, behavioral disorders, learning disabilities, stunted growth, neurological and renal damage, mental retardation, anemia, and hearing loss,” as reported in this press release. drugstore logoThe world needs a faster and more convenient way of determining lead exposure. In this light, Confirm BioSciences aims to address through LeadConfirm Professional, a lead testing kit that does away with painful and invasive blood sampling to detect lead in the human body. The product requires oral sampling by simply swabbing the inner cheek. “There is tremendous need for this product, as lead poisoning is a major issue in our society,” said Confirm BioSciences chief Zeynep Ilgaz. The company plans to expand the distribution base of its products. In fact, LeadConfirm Professional is now available via for $79.99 (includes lab fee and prepaid envelope to the lab). Upon oral sampling and sending to the lab, the sample will be tested using the latest technology. Results may be released as early as five days from the lab’s receipt of the sample.

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