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Introducing the Vacu Lid Urine Specimen Transfer Device for T-Cup Drug Tests

Published on: January 10, 2017

Written by: Confirm BioSciences.

Everyone says “New Year, New You!” but what if I said “New Year, New Drug Testing Technologies!” Has a nice ring, right? No, okay, you’re right it doesn’t. But it’s true!

Confirm BioSciences has always prided itself on bringing new technologies to the forefront and making them more easily accessible to end users and 2017 will be no exception. There are many industries that require transporting urine samples for drug testing purposes (including but not limited to clinics, laboratories and hospitals as well as drug courts, rehab & treatment centers and sober living homes). In the past this required a tedious process of using a pipette or dropper to collect a urine sample from a specimen cup and move it into a shipping/transfer vial. Unfortunately this process is quite inefficient and time consuming and leaves a lot of room for error including spills and accidents. Not only that but using several different tools just to transfer urine can easily drive up lab costs.


Another common problem with shipping urine specimens using more traditional methods like a vial or even shipping in the drug testing cup itself is the risk of leaking. If even one specimen leaks, it will ruin the entire box of specimens, requiring a recollection and re-shipping which ends up costing double the time and money. But what if I told you I have a solution for you that will solve all of those problems?

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We have recently started carrying the Vacu Lid Urine Specimen Transfer Device designed to be used with the T-Cup Urine Drug Test Kits that we sell. The Vacu Lid is a game changer in so many ways. From saving time on transferring specimens, to greatly reducing the risk for spills and accidents to reducing the need for direct contact with urine specimens. Switching to our Vacu Lids also greatly cuts down on shipping costs as urine can now be shipped in small vacu tubes instead of larger vials or cups reducing shipping box size and weight. Now collection officials no longer have to handle the urine directly, worrying about spills or smells making the entire process much more sanitary. After all, who ever really wants to come into direct contact with another person’s bodily fluids? Using the Vacu Lid system means no more direct exposure to urine as this is a self contained system.

Using the Vacu Lid on our T-Cup Urine Drug Test Kits is a simple process. Simply have the donor provide a sample as they usually do and then screw the vacu lid on the cup in place of a regular lid. Place a vacu tube into the vacu lid, pressing down firmly making sure to fully pierce the tube, allowing the tube to fill automatically. Once done, simply remove the tube and dispose the vacu lid following proper disposal procedures.

VacuLid step by step instruction
VacuLid step by step instruction

So let’s recap. Our Vacu Lid Urine Specimen Transfer Device:

  • Saves you time, shipping costs & space as well as overall laboratory costs
  • Reduces need for direct contact with urine specimens
  • Eliminates the potential for leaking during shipment

After hearing all this, how can you ever go back to using your old method of urine specimen transfer?

Interested in learning more about how this products works as well as the benefits it offers? Send me an email to jjanke@confirmbiosciences.com and I would be more than happy to assist you further!