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Reasons Why Synthetic Urine Won’t Work in Workplace Drug Testing

Published on: April 18, 2016

Written by: Confirm BioSciences.

Safety in the workplace is a very crucial factor for all employers to consider. With the rise in incidence of prohibited drug abuse, companies have no other alternative but to conUrine Cup Leakageduct drug screening on employees whether it be pre-employment drug tests or random drug testing. Since the implementation of drug screens people who use drugs of abuse have developed tactics to generate fake results and fool the system to their advantage. The following information is critical for all company owners, who should be more vigilant in considering a reliable drug testing laboratory or screening method. A popular way to cheat a drug test is by using synthetic urine. Read on to learn how synthetic urine is detected during testing.


Originally intended to be used to calibrate drug testing equipment in laboratories, synthetic urine is now being used by drug test cheaters to replace the real thing. Employees who try to sneak in synthetic urine in drug tests may think that they could get away with it, but this is far from the truth. Below are a few reasons why synthetic urine won’t work in workplace drug testing:

  • Adulterant checks and test for urine integrity: Drug testing laboratories are well-equipped to test for authenticity of the urine specimen. Real urine has a standard concentration of components, but a fake or adulterated urine sample may have values beyond the allowable range.
  • Strict inspection during sample collection: There is great risk in carrying the product to the collection site as some agencies send a member of their staff to accompany the employee or sample donor in the collection room. Regardless of the strategy that some cheaters attempt to do – such as hiding a bottle of synthetic urine under the pants or briefs, using a Velcro strap to hold the bottle around one leg, placing the bottle between the butt cheeks, and wearing loose clothing for women — all of these schemes won’t escape the staff who goes inside the room with the employee.
  • Urine temperature: Bringing a fake specimen is easy to spot because a fresh batch of urine is a bit warm to the touch, roughly around 90-98 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you can sneak in a heating device, it is nearly impossible to control the temperature.

Drug test tricksters think that they can succeed in getting a fake negative drug test result. Then again, they probably don’t know that the drug testing industry has already upgraded their strategies to combat drug test cheating.

Urine Drug Test Adulteration

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