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Industry News: Cannabis Users May Get Fired From Job Despite Marijuana Legalization in Nevada

Published on: January 2, 2017

Written by: Janet Russell.

The use, cultivation, possession and sale of cannabis is illegal under U.S. federal law. However, state laws vary in decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana.

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As of present time, there are 28 states that have legalized the use, cultivation and possession of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. Each of these states have various governing laws and lawmaking bodies that administer different legalities when it comes to cannabis use and distribution.

Marijuana Legalization in the US

This year, Nevada has put into passage the legalization of recreational marijuana for cannabis users 21 years of age and above. However, employees can still be fired by their companies when they have tested positive on random employee drug testing. According to Sen. Tick Segerblom via a news release, corporate random drug testing can help in prevention of impairment and disasters in the workplace. This is especially true when the corporate and social responsibilities of an employee dictates the safety and well-being of customers.

Local officials of Nevada together with Sen. Segerblom also said that Nevada employers are not expected to immediately change the policies although they are expected to abide by this regulation in a state-approved timeline. The goal of any workplace drug policy is to eradicate any problems and issues that might happen when an employee or worker is under the influence of marijuana or any drug.

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2017 Marijuana Legalization

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