Industry News: Benefits of Hair Drug Testing Over Other Methods

Several studies in the past have shown an increase in the use of drugs and other illegal substances, especially among millennials as reported in this article. As each day unfolds, more people get hooked to these substances, affecting not only their personal relationships but also their work. In fact, individuals who are habitual drug users tend to be less productive. hair specimen drug testingIt is advisable that employers should make it mandatory for applicants to undergo a drug test before getting hired. Urine drug testing may be the most common method used for testing, but are other options of conducting a drug test. Employers may choose from hair, urine, saliva, and perspiration. However, hair drug testing has been proven to be a foolproof testing method. Hair specimen is collected from the donor’s head or body, and is sent to a laboratory for testing. Hair drug test such as HairConfirm affords the employer or testing company a number of benefits compared with the other methods. One of the biggest advantages of hair drug testing is that it is almost impossible to cheat. Shampoos and other hair products that claim to get rid of drug metabolites cannot affect test results. One option that drug test cheaters use to skip hair drug testing is to shave their heads bald. However, hair specimen may also be taken from other body parts such as hands and feet. What cheaters may not realize is that hair follicles from these parts keep drug metabolites longer than those taken from the head. Speaking of longevity, hair drug tests can trace drug use as far back as 90 days longer than any of the other drug test methods. Hair drug testing beats many other methods when it comes to benefits. Companies who switch from urine to hair testing have experienced marked improvements in test results.