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Announcing Confirm BioSciences’ 2018 Drug-Free Scholarship Winners

Published on: June 27, 2018

Written by: Confirm BioSciences.

The consequence of being young is being underestimated. But the thirst for knowledge and a genuine desire to help people in need are hallmarks of the millennial generation.

To recognize the value and potential of young people, Confirm BioSciences and TestCountry presents an annual scholarship for aspiring post-secondary students who demonstrate awareness of the impact of drugs.

We’d like to congratulate Kallista Stubblefield and Bailey Wellen, the winners of Confirm BioSciences’ 2018 scholarship!

These young ladies submitted heart-provoking stories about their personal encounters with friends and family members who have used drugs.

Bailey and Kallista offered unique perspectives on an issue plaguing the country to hopefully inspire other young leaders to step forward and speak out against drugs.

Teenagers begin to understand the repercussions of the drug epidemic once marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs of abuse trickle into their social circles. Without proper attention and information, they become vulnerable in these situations.

Our tax-free $1000 grant can be used to help students pay for their books, school supplies, and whatever else they need to succeed.

Build Your Own Corporate Scholarship Program

You can leverage your business and improve your corporate outreach by offering a scholarship:

  • Promote social responsibility
  • Enjoy more marketing opportunities
  • Generate press and revenue
  • Recognize talent and contribute to local initiatives

Young people are sometimes underestimated for their potential. But it’s important to recognize the value of empowering youth in every way possible, even if it means setting aside a few hundred dollars a year to make a contribution. Encouraging young leaders to step out of the shadows and speak up against drug abuse might be the ultimate solution to the epidemic.