California Proposition 64 Passed: Can I Use Pot In The Office Now?

About 58.8 percent of the 9 million voters in California voted the affirmative to the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in the state. The approved proposition aims to legalize recreational cannabis use among 21 years and older. It permits cannabis use inside private homes and at businesses which were given licenses for on-site marijuana consumption.

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Marijuana consumption is now being treated similar to alcohol, which is limited to adults aged 21 years old and older but is forbidden to use in most public places. This would be very highly regulated with a huge tax imposed.

Am I Free To Use Marijuana At Work Now?

Proposition 64 may have made some cannabis users happy but this does not exempt people from taking it during office hours as it is still considered illegal under federal law. Employers may still implement drug testing among their applicants, as well as employees who are either believed to be under the influence of marijuana while at work or involved in a work-related accident. The drug testing policy is not meant to discriminate individuals, but rather to keep the workplace as safe as possible.

Any applicant who tests positive for cannabis during pre-employment drug testing may be refused from being considered for the job. Meanwhile, employees who test positive will have to undergo a series of evaluation and testing, as well as rehabilitation and a potential termination depending on the severity of the case.

Industries using heavy machinery are allowed to subject employees to drug testing and to implement a zero-tolerance policy. This ensures the safety of each of the employees.

The Newly Approved California Marijuana Law

Marijuana Legalization in the US

The approved marijuana proposition in California does not differentiate between the use of cannabis for recreational purposes or for its medical use. Once an employee has been tested positive, this may endanger his position in the company. However, the Compassionate Use Act in 1996 allows “seriously ill Californians” to use marijuana for medical purpose for as long as they present their doctor’s recommendation. Other than that, anyone who is tested positive during work may still have to face legal actions especially if it has affected the quality of their work.