5 Reasons Employers Should Consider Saliva Drug Testing Over Urine Drug Testing

SalivaConfirm Premium Saliva Drug Test Kit

Many employers are currently using urine drug tests when conducting pre & post employment drug testing for a variety of reasons. Urine drug test cups & dip cards certainly have their benefits like being inexpensive but with new technologies available including saliva drug testing kits, is urine testing still the best option for everyone? Here’s 5 reasons why employers should consider the switch from using urine drug tests to saliva drug tests.

1. No More Shy Bladders

It’s not uncommon for donors to experience a shy bladder when they need to submit to a urine sample. Providing a urine sample, especially to an employer, can be an embarrassing task that can often result in taking excessive amounts of time, or in some cases, the inability to provide a sample all together. Switching to saliva drug testing eliminates this embarrassment and risk of the donor suffering from a shy bladder so you can be sure that you’re always able to perform a drug test as needed.

2. No More Adulteration or Tampering of Results

While in an ideal world, all donors would be honest and no one would ever tamper with a specimen, the reality is that there are many instances where donor’s attempt to tamper or adulterate a urine sample. They can do this by providing fake or old urine, diluting the urine with water or adding things like bleach or hydrogen peroxide to their specimen in an attempt to change the results.

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With a saliva drug test, it’s virtually impossible to interfere or tamper with a specimen, especially as the test can be performed right in front of the collection official. You can rest assured that the saliva sample collected is a real, unadulterated specimen. 

3. More Sanitary

The truth is, no one wants to handle urine specimens for a variety of reasons from the smell to the chance of a cup leaking and spilling urine on the collector. Performing a urine drug test is not always sanitary and requires the use of additional materials like gloves which can be inconvenient. Saliva drug testing is a much more sanitary collection method that removes the issue of smell and reduces the chance of coming into contact with a donor’s bodily fluids. Simply hand the test device to a donor to collect a sample after which point they can return the test swab into the testing device, sealing the donor’s saliva inside the test. This reduces the risk of the collection official coming into contact with the donor’s bodily fluids to almost zero.

4. Earlier Detection Times

In order for a urine drug test to show positive after a donor has used a drug, the body needs to first be able to metabolize the drug and then pass it through the body and out into the urine. This can take time – sometimes up to several hours. If you suspect an employee may have very recently used a drug, a urine drug test will not always provide accurate results which can present a problem since this is often a time sensitive matter. Saliva drug tests like our SalivaConfirm Premium Oral Drug Test can detect drug use almost immediately after consumption which eliminates the need for the “wait and see” approach and can confirm an employer’s suspicions immediately if a donor is using drugs on the job.  

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5. Ability to Test Anywhere

In the construction business or other industries that require work in the field, you don’t always have access to a bathroom when you might need to perform an employee drug test. If there’s an accident in the field or suspicion of drug use on the job, there isn’t always an opportunity to perform a urine specimen collection and it’s often a time sensitive issue that can not wait. Saliva drug tests can be performed right out in the open in front of a collection official, reducing the barrier of not having access to a bathroom and providing immediate results as needed.

While urine drug testing is still a very valid, affordable and accurate drug testing option, it’s not always the best option for everyone. If you are considered with any of the barriers to urine drug testing listed above then saliva drug testing may be perfect for you.

Curious how our saliva drug testing works? Watch our short video below that explains more.