Drug Testing Kits for Use in Treatment Centers

Treatment centers are crucial for providing the necessary services for the addicted to get clean. Therapists spend hours each day building a relationship with their clients in order for their therapeutic programs to work and it is vital part of their patients getting clean. Each year, millions of individuals seek out these facilities to get help so treatment centers should do everything in their power to help make sure an individual stays clean.

While treatment centers are extremely proactive in making sure their patients stay clean, far too often a patient will cave into their substance of abuse. When this happens, many facilities turn to random drug testing as a necessary aid to ensure a patient’s progress towards sobriety.

Why Use Substance Abuse Testing for Treatment Centers?

There are many benefits for drug and alcohol screening at treatment centers. First, it helps the patient and their therapist build a trust between one another. By drug testing, it shows the therapist that the patient is truly trying to get clean and likewise shows the patient that he/she is making concrete steps towards sobriety. Moreover, because of the difficulty of manipulating a test, drug testing encourages honesty between the patient and his/her outside interactions such as family, friends, employers and other loved ones.

Secondly, it aids in both the prevention of a relapse and the response of a relapse. While it helps fights the temptation of using a substance of abuse, it can also show the treatment center staff that a person is using and can therefore have a rapid response intervention to minimize the damage. This way, trained staff can help a patient as soon as possible even if he/she is not showing any signs of usage.

Lastly, drug testing at treatment centers greatly increases the accountability of the patient, aids in the prevention of drugs entering the facility, and shows quantitative progress of the patient as he/she makes their way towards sobriety.

What Kind of Drug Testing Should Treatment Centers Perform?

Random and systematic drug testing at treatment centers still primarily consists of urine drug tests. Many treatment centers opt for these cups as they are cost effective, difficult to manipulate, and can test for a variety of substances. Also, many of the cups we offer that treatment centers buy have a test for Buprenophine.

Often, treatment centers will choose a cup with multi-panel drug tests that test for a high number of drugs, often times choosing a 12 panel drug test cup or higher. These cups are effective for finding a variety of illegal substances, even synthetic drugs like K2/Spice and can show if adulterants were used (potentially manipulating a test).

In addition, we also offer tests for alcohol and nicotine test kits to aid in the recovery of those substances. No matter what type of facility, we can customize each of our tests to fit your exact needs.

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