Drug Tests in Bulk for Distributors & Re-sellers

With changing drug laws at the forefront of many daily news stories, the drug testing industry has expanded to new heights in 2017. Combining new technology with low prices and easy accessibility, Confirm BioSciences is proud to offer industry leading products at competitive prices.

Drug testing is a necessity to hundreds of industries to ensure the safety of those within their respected companies. Today more than ever, companies are choosing to buy drug tests directly from re-sellers rather than send their applicants to lab facilities.

Take advantage of this opportunity through establishing a retail partnership with Confirm BioSciences, which has proven to be lucrative and profitable for any test selling business.

Why Become a Distributor or Re-seller of Drug Testing Kits?

As more and more business get into drug testing, they are looking for suppliers that can offer lab quality drug tests at a low cost.

Become a wholesale distributor and re-seller easily. Get great discounts with bulk ordering of Confirm BioSciences brands like HairConfirm, DrugConfirm, SalivaConfirm & SteriodConfirm.

Be a supplier for businesses that are getting into drug testing. A partnership with Confirm BioSciences is lucrative and profitable for any test selling business.

High Quality, Low Price: First and foremost, sell top of the line Confirm BioSciences products at a discounted cost. Our products cover all spectrums of the drug testing industry and we have a test to meet each of your client’s needs.

Own Your Own Brand: Want to see your own logo on the cups, dips and saliva tests? Ask us how.

Customization: Confirm BioSciences has the ability to customize the panels on our cups to fit the exact drug testing needs of your clients. This gives you the opportunity to offer your clients a completely unique configuration of drugs to be tested for.

We Welcome All Size Re-sellers: Unlike many manufacturers that require you buy a large amount of units in order to get a discount, at Confirm BioSciences we welcome distributors & re-sellers of all sizes. It does not matter whether you are a small school district that needs only enough tests for your teachers or a nation wide medical supply corporation that needs cups sent to 30+ locations; we take all inquiries very seriously and will help you with all of your drug and alcohol testing needs.

What Type of Drug Tests Do You Offer?

We offer a variety of products that vary on price point, drug sensitivity (cut off) levels, detection time, and more. Click on each of the following to learn more about that product:

Why Work With Confirm BioSciences?

By ordering drug tests in bulk from Confirm BioSciences, you can get a discount on our urine and saliva instant drug  testing kits and services. Our drug test products are ideal for distributors & re-sellers with the lowest prices available on the market.

  • Buy Direct From the Manufacturer
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  • Deal With an Award Winning Company
  • Top of the Line Advanced Products
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  • Custom Configurations to Fit Your Needs
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