Drug and Alcohol Testing for Probation and Drug courts

Confirm BioSciences is pleased to provide many popular drug testing products used by various types of drug courts. We are also proud to be a women owned, minority owned, small business.

Drug testing is used by a growing number of corporations, the military, police, probation and parole departments, fire departments, drug courts and government agencies.

Did you know that this year alone, 2,734 Drug Courts in the United States will test over 136,000 people.

No matter what type of organization wants to set up a drug testing program, Confirm BioSciences can help. We carry popular drug testing products used by drug courts,  including instant urine tests , hair follicle drug tests and instant saliva test kits. We even offer test kits for synthetic drugs including K2 spice, fentanyl and bath salts.

We don’t just have offer products to help drug courts with their drug testing needs, we also have excellent service and can help any agency create a comprehensive drug testing program.

Confirm BioSciences Currently Works With The Following Types of Drug Courts:

  • Adult Drug Courts
  • Probation Courts
  • Veterans Treatment Courts
  • DWI Court
  • Family Dependency Treatment Court (Family Drug Court)
  • Child Custody Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Federal District Drug Court
  • Reentry Court
  • Tribal Healing to Wellness Court
  • Back on TRAC: Treatment, Responsibility, Accountability on Campus

Why Implement Drug Testing in Drug Courts?

According to the National Association of Drug Courts Professionals, Drug Courts are the most effective justice intervention for treating drug-addicted people. Drug Courts can reduce drug abuse and crime. They are able to restore back lives and thus have saved thousands of kids and reunited families. We are happy to be a resource for drug courts nationwide and provide them with the lowest cost options available.

What Are The Benefits of Drug Courts?

Through drug courts our nation has been able to reduce crime rates, combat addiction and restore back families. Here is a glimpse of some of the enormous impact of drug courts.

Drug Courts provide more comprehensive and closer supervision than other community-based supervision programs.Compliance
Drug Courts are six times more likely to keep offenders in treatment long enough for them to get better.Long Term Solutions
Drug Courts provide more comprehensive and closer supervision than other community-based supervision programs.Long Term Treatment
Drug Courts reduce methamphetamine use by more than 50% compared to outpatient treatment alone.Combating Meth Addiction
For methamphetamine-addicted people, Drug Courts increase treatment program graduation rates by nearly 80%.Combating Meth Addiction and restoring lives
Source: National; Association of Drug Courts Professionals

What Type of Drug And Alcohol Testing Should Drug Court Organizations Perform?

A Drug Court should use either instant urine test kits, saliva drug test kits or laboratory drug testing depending on the needs of that particular court. Whether they use instant or laboratory tests would depend on the facilities they have and whether you could accommodate drug testing of both genders, plus how much of a budget you have for drug testing.

Note: Our instant test kits follow SAMSHA Guidelines.

Why Choose Confirm BioSciences?

By ordering drug test in bulk from the manufacturer, you can get a discount on our urine and saliva instant drug  testing kits and services. Our drug test products are ideal for drug courts with the lowest pricing on the market.

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