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Interested in IgG/IgM Controls?

IgG IgM Controls

IgG/IgM Control Solutions for COVID-19 Serology Test Kits


Ideal for use in: Validation Studies, CLIA Laboratories and other Clinical settings

Product Details*:

  • Positive IgG
  • Positive IgM
  • Negative IgG, Negative IgM panel
  • 12 month shelf life
  • 2-8°C storage
  • 30 day open tube stability

Liquid control solutions are designed to ensure the accuracy of serology tests that detect IgG and IgM (COVID-19) antibodies- before they are administered.

This standardization solution is typically offered in positive and negative formats to provide total peace of mind before administering antibody detection tests.

* Product details are for illustrative purposes and not final. Specifications will be provided when product is launched.

Confirm BioSciences is gauging interest for IgG and IgM controls to be used with serology tests that detect IgG and IgM (COVID-19) antibodies.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please complete the form below and one of our representatives will reach out to discuss the details. (Pre-order available for End of July, 2020 release date)

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