How to Read HairConfirm Hair Drug Test Kit Results

Here at Confirm BioSciences we offer our HairConfirm Hair Follicle Drug Testing Kits in several variations including our standard test, express shipping test, prescription drug test as well as our business specific kits.

Our hair follicle drug test kits provide a quantifiable drug history for up to 90 days.

Today I am going to walk you through how to read the results for our HairConfirm test kits. The results for the regular, or anonymous, hair kits appear differently than they do for the business tests so I will walk you through the regular results first.

At the top right hand corner of the results, you’ll see the Specimen ID# as well the dates the samples were collected, date they were received by the lab and the date the results were reported.

Underneath that is a breakdown of the drug panels tested. This sample report is for a regular HairConfirm test however if you purchased the HairConfirm plus prescription drugs, it will list the prescription drugs tested as well.

Next you’ll see a chart with the breakdown of drugs tested for, the result (either positive or negative) as well as the screening cutoff level and the confirmation cutoff levels.

Underneath this chart is a box that indicates Hair Drug Test Results. If any drugs come back positive in the hair, they will be listed here along with the quantity found.

Positive results indicate that a drug was identified at a level equal or greater to the listed cutoff levels and these results are confirmed via a GC MS anaylsis.

Next I will explain how to read the results of our HairConfirm Business test. Our HairConfirm Business kits come with an Medical Review Officer review and therefore appear different from the HairConfirm regular results.

The top of the results report indicates the date that the results were reported then underneath that you’ll see the name of the individual tested, the reason for testing, the specimen ID#, collection date, name of the Medical Review Officer and the date of the MRO review.

Underneath you’ll see the specimen type, in this case hair, as well as the drug panel tested.

Next you’ll find the substances included in the test profile as well as the verified results. This sample report is for a regular HairConfirm Business test however if you purchase the HairConfirm business plus prescription drugs, it will list the prescription drugs tested as well. Positive results will indicate which drugs the donor test positive for.

All positive results are verified by gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC/MS) methods.

To learn more or to purchase these tests, please give us a call at 800-908-5603.