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I was given a miniscule budget and then told to use it to create a comprehensive drug testing regimen at work. They have great customer service and their products are the easiest thing in the world to operate and they save a lot of money.

- Paul, HR Manager -

Corporate Drug Testing Account In-Depth:

Open a Corporate Account for Drug Testing & Background Screening:

Our corporate purchasing plan is available for those organizations who wish to order instant drug test kits and/or establish an account to do laboratory-based drug testing for their workplace. Our plans are flexible to your specific needs and requirements. We have a dedicated Customer Service and Sales Team available to assist you in choosing the best option for your company.

For more information in regards to setting up a corporate purchasing plan, please fill in your details on the right hand side and an account representative will be in touch with you shortly. <Link back up to form above>


If you would like to start invoicing with Net 30 terms then you will need to qualify for a credit limit. Once you have filled out the form above or contacted us via phone or chat we can provide you with the paperwork necessary for qualification. This process usually takes one to two business days.

  Are you a member of a Trade Association or a Professional Organization: works closely with many trade association in the fields of construction, staffing, health care, manufacturing, addiction treatment and other business associations. Members of these associations get additional professional discounts applicable to the areas of their profession.

After you submit your account application please check to see if your association is one of the TestCountry Association Advantage Program participants on our or your business association affinity program or affinity partner sections. If you don't see your association as a participant, drop us a line at mentioning your association so that we can also reach out to your organization to invite them to apply to our special membership program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Corporate Account?

A Corporate Account is a single funded account that can be used by schools, corporations, and small-business owners to purchase for corporate drug testing kits they need to strengthen the organization’s drug testing policy. A Corporate Account is offered by an online retail store or an actual marketplace to provide companies with flexible plans and bulk discounts on purchased items.

What is the difference between an account manager and a buyer?

A dedicated Account Manager is the one responsible for creating the Corporate Account and manages the account management area. Account Manager can add and delete buyers, payment methods, and shipping addresses. Additionally, s/he has the ability to view order history for all orders made in the account.

Meanwhile, the Buyer has no access in the Corporate Account, but has the ability to place orders using the Corporate Account and can indicate to use one of the shipping addresses and payment methods listed on the account for these purchases.

What to expect with Corporate Account?

TestCountry understands that in order to have a drug-free work environment, every organization must implement a well-planned drug testing policy. If your business anticipates spending a small amount of purchases for corporate Instant drug test kits per annum, it is of your best interest to pay your order using credit card accounts. However, if your business anticipates larger amount of purchases for your company drug testing programs, it is advisable to assign a dedicated Account Manager to open a Corporate Account for your business. With a Corporate Account at your disposal, drug testing kit purchase order will be made easy and convenient.

What are the advantages of having a Corporate Account?

At TestCountry, having a Corporate Account entitles a company, organization, or institution with several benefits such as:

  • Special business discounts and bulk volume pricing
  • A dedicated account manager to guide you
  • Invoicing, Net 30 terms and purchase orders
  • Custom drug testing panel development
  • Shipping arrangements for multiple locations
  • Add-on lab confirmation services
  • International orders and shipping support

Just to name a few. Additionally, having a Corporate Account lets your company improve its corporate credit rating which plays a critical part for any established business.

How to pay using Purchase Order as payment method?

TestCountry accepts purchase orders from non-profits, schools, military, government organization and corporations. When you place your order using your Corporate Account, you have the option to pay using purchase order form Accounts Payable.

How to apply for a Corporate Account?

To apply for a Corporate Account at TestCountry, simply fill out this form. A TestCountry representative will reach out to initiate the process. The processing of business credit account application usually takes 1-2 business days after we receive your application.

How to pay with Corporate Account?

All TestCountry Corporate Account holders can make their purchase using credit card accounts or purchase order form Accounts Payable. It is our aim to give you a quick and easy experience in shopping for corporate drug testing kits with us.

TestCountry offers urine, oral fluid and hair follicle employee drug testing programs to meet your unique drug testing needs. Whether for pre-employment, random testing, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return to duty, follow-up, or DOT, we have the right employee drug testing program for you.

A well thought out employee drug testing policy is an important component of employee screening and can save you several thousand dollars each year. TestCountry understands that a successful employee drug testing program must be convenient and easy-to-use

That is why we have over 8,000 collection sites, which gives us the ability to zip code match your company location(s) with the closest collection sites available. We only use SAMSHA / NIDA certified and DOT-compliant laboratories. When results are completed, typically 24 hours for negative results and 48 hours for positive results or when reviewed.

Did you know that several states offer Worker's Compensation discounts to companies that maintain certified drug free workplace programs? If you do not have an employee drug testing policy, we can help you draft your policy and implement a program designed to meet your needs. Contact us to get started.

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