We Care – People Over Profit

People Over Profit

We donate 5% of our profit to non-profit organizations including homeless shelters, animal shelters and our community. Any purchase you make through us, through any of our brands, will contribute towards helping us better our community for everyone. Thank you so much for your ongoing support.

Below is a list of our programs where we work with our community partners:

Nutrition and Basic Needs

There are Over 115,000 people homeless in California. San Diego alone has over 8,000 homeless people; 2,900 of which are un-sheltered. These people are homeless for many reasons, some which include: financial hardship, mental illness, substance abuse and victims of domestic violence.

Our nutrition and basic needs program provides food to those in need. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Food Drives
  • Dinner Servings
  • Basic Needs Drive


There are many low-income families in San Diego. When Christmas rolls around, we partner with Interfaith Community Services, on their Adopt-a-Family program. This is a perfect way for you to give back to those in need by adopting a family and providing them their wish lists presents.

Volunteer Work

We work with various community organization’s in town including the Rotary Club of San Diego, Interfaith Community Health Services, San Diego Coastkeeper among others, to perform community work. We provide 3 day paid volunteer time off to all our team members.

College Scholarship Opportunity

In our continued efforts to give back to the community, we’ve launched an annual college scholarship opportunity where we will award one lucky student $1000. For more information on our scholarship program, click here.

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