Executive Leadership

Serhat Pala
Serhat Pala
Founder & Chief Advisor


Years of Experience: 17
Specialties: Marketing, Drugs of Abuse Testing, Laboratory Testing
Other Businesses: Confirm BioSciencesLiveWellTesting
Nonprofit Work: Executive Director, Kids 4 Community
Recognized by: Inc., Medium
Contributions: Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur? Be More Pessimistic, New Study Says
Publications: Getting Unstuck 101: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur, Synthetic Drug Abuse: A Guide for Teachers and Parents



Serhat emigrated to the United States from Turkey nearly 20 years ago with his wife and business partner Zeynep. Serhat has a refined business sense cultivated by years of experience as a sole proprietor. He routinely monitors consumer behavior to stay viable in competitive markets. Serhat is directly supportive in the growth of each branch of Confirm BioSciences.



In pursuit of American soil, Serhat and his wife Zeynep left their home in Turkey with a shared dream. The aspiring young entrepreneurs landed in San Diego, pooled their resources together and launched Confirm BioSciences, a global leader in quality diagnostic health & wellness testing solutions with a vast laboratory network.

As the company’s Co-Founder and Chief Advisor, Serhat spearheads the research and development of proprietary labels which have kindled live partnerships with retailers not limited to Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Serhat’s work has led to new product and distribution channel development.

Serhat is versatile with more than 17 years of international business acumen, and he maintains a pivotal role in the company. He demonstrates a high business IQ by supporting daily financial, promotional, and administrative objectives. Serhat has a hand in management, marketing, operations, and strategic planning.

Confirm BioSciences is recognized by The San Diego Business Journal as The #1 Best Place to Work in 2016 and 2017, and by Inc. 5000 for being one of The Best Workplaces of 2018.

An early tech adopter, Serhat is constantly searching for the next innovation that will help his companies thrive in the competitive global marketplace. A regular Inc. Magazine contributor and the author of a new book, “Getting Unstuck“, Serhat is dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs.

Outside of the office, Serhat contributes to community nonprofit initiatives as the Executive Director of Kids4Community.