Executive Leadership

Paul Brown
Chief Financial Officer


Years of Experience: 24+
Specialties: Finance, Accounting, Business Operations
Achievements: University of New Mexico, B.A. Accounting, Finance, and Accounting



Paul is a pragmatic go-getter. He has nearly 25 years of applied accounting practice having equipped diverse enterprise with healthy financial regimens. Paul has a knack for identifying and eliminating siphons while simultaneously implementing risk management techniques. As the Chief Financial Officer for Confirm BioSciences, Paul is responsible for maximizing fiscal efficiency to inflate the company’s bottom line.



Paul Brown understands the indivisible link between growth and vigilance. He has true experience creating budgetary opportunities for international retailers, distributors, and publicly traded organizations.

After earning an Accounting degree from The University of New Mexico, Paul became Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Finance for German company Villeroy & Boch. He oversaw the financial operations for three distinct divisions over the course of 13 years.

Paul later assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer for Hybrid Apparel, an umbrella for brands not limited to Reebok, Levi’s, and WWE . Over a two year period, Paul was part of a team that was able to catapult the company from $125M to $250M in annual revenue.

Paul also served as the CFO for The Wheat Group which was responsible for a division of PUMA-USA, PUMA-Wheat, as well as other lifestyle brands including Hurley and Reebok.  He not only supervised the activity of the segment’s offshore accounting team but during his tenure, Paul built & executed a successful financial plan to empower the company to quadruple revenue over a four year period.

Today, Paul is the Chief Financial Officer for Confirm BioSciences. He is responsible for tightening departmental expenses and seeking financially feasible strategies to scale.  When Paul isn’t supporting the rest of the Executive team, he works with non-profits and spends time traveling with his family.