Executive Leadership

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Founder & Chief Advisor
Founder & Chief Advisor
Medical Reviewer


VP Of Strategic Sales
VP Of Enterprise Sales
Director of Business Development
Director of International Sales
Director of National Sales
Umbrella Testing
Customer Service & Sales Support Manager
Sr. Sales Manager
Sr. Sales & Business Development Specialist
Sales Representative
Sales Representative
Sales Representative
Sales Operations Specialist
Senior Customer Service / Sales Support Specialist
Customer Service / Sales Support Lead
Customer Service/Sales Support Training Specialist
Customer Service Specialist

Commercialization & Marketing

Director of Product & 3rd Party Platforms
Director of Marketing Operations
Integrated Communications Manager
Project Specialist
Sr. Digital Marketing Coordinator
Amazon Channel Manager
Associate Product Manager
Visual Designer
Multimedia Specialist
Graphic Designer
Product Development Associate

Accounting & Finance

Sr. Accounting Manager
Business Intelligence Manager
Staff Accountant
Accounts Payable Specialist
Staff Accountant
Purchasing Coordinator


Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Senior Operations Manager
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Specialist
E-Commerce Operations Specialist
Office & Warehouse Assistant
Production Specialist

IT - Information Technology

Director of IT
Senior IT Manager
Web Developer
IT Associate

HR - Human Resources

HR Director
Senior Human Resources Manager

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