Executive Leadership

President, CEO & Founder
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Advisor
Medical Provider


Director of Business Development
Director of National Sales
Director of International Sales
Customer Service & Sales Support Manager
Sr. Sales Manager
Sr. Sales & Business Development Specialist
Sales Representative
Strategic Account Manager
Sales Representative
Sales Representative
Customer Service / Sales Support
Senior Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Specialist
Customer Service/Sales Support Training Specialist

Commercialization & Marketing

Director of Product & 3rd Party Platforms
Director of Marketing Operations
Project Specialist
Marketing Coordinator
Brand & Product Specialist
Paid Marketing Specialist
Amazon Channel Manager
Marketing Specialist
Visual Designer
Multimedia Specialist
Graphic Designer

Accounting & Finance

Sr. Accounting Manager
Business Intelligence Manager
Staff Accountant
Accounts Payable Specialist
Staff Accountant
Staff Accountant
Purchasing Coordinator


Vice President of Operations
Senior Operations Manager
Warehouse Manager
Warehouse Specialist
E-Commerce Operations Specialist
Office & Warehouse Assistant
Production Specialist
Warehouse Lead
Production Specialist
Production Specialist

IT - Information Technology

Director of IT
Senior IT Manager
Senior IT Associate

HR - Human Resource

Senior Human Resources Manager
Administrative Assistant

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