BreathScan Alcohol Test Kits

BreathScan Alcohol Test Kits


The Mission Breath Alcohol Detector is a test for alcohol in human breath. It is a disposable screening device for one-time use.

  • FDA Approved and CLIA Waived
  • Available in .02 gm/dL cut-off level
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • No bathroom required
  • Ideal solution for on-site testing
  • Fast results in 2 minutes
  • CE Marked

Our Difference

Our Difference
Our Difference
Our Difference
Our Difference

BreathScan Disposable Alcohol Test Kit

The Mission Breath Alcohol Detector Test is self-contained, unobtrusive and easy to administer.Tests are portable and can be administered quickly anywhere. The Mission BreathScan is very easy test to use – just blow through the tube for 12 seconds. If the yellow crystals turn a light aqua (blue/green or green/blue) within 2 minutes, alcohol has been detected.

The Coast Guard has announced that the use of the BreathScan Alcohol Detector in the .02% level may be used by the maritime industry to conduct alcohol tests in compliance with Coast Guard regulations. The US Army also uses Breathscan drug tests on more than eight bases, handing them out in a keychain form.

Our instant Mission BreathScan alcohol detectors are perfect for testing for alcohol consumption and intoxication in many different venues, from counseling programs, to home use, to job site detection. All you have to do is break the capsule inside the testing device, shake well and blow hard into the test cylinder. When the chemical crystals change color, you can then read the results of the test. This takes 2 minutes or less to complete!


Convenient and accurate test kit measures alcohol levels in just 2 minutes. Long shelf life of 3 years. CE Marked. Cleared for US FDA.
Brand: Confirm BioSciences
Manufacturer: Confirm BioSciences
Model: C031-011
Product ID: C031-011