Urine Drug Test Cups

Closeout / Inventory Last Call

When we have overstock with limited expiration dates, Confirm BioSciences will offer these short dated products to our customers at an additional discounted price. Short dated tests become available when an excess supply of a specific test is manufactured, or in instances when the products have short-term expiration dates. So if you were waiting for the perfect time to get a great deal on test kits, the time is now.

ItemQuantityExp DateQuantityExp Date
AMP 1-panel Dip Card75017-Aug
BAR 1-panel Dip Card2517-Aug
BZO 1-panel Dip Card10018-Jan
MTD 1-panel Dip Card2517-Aug
MDMA 1-panel Dip Card20018-Mar
PCP 1-panel Dip Card30018-Mar
TRA 1-panel Dip Card5017-Aug
K2/Spice Dip Card2517-Aug
Alcohol Urine Test Strip22518-Feb
HCG Pregnancy Test Strip7517-Sep
5 Panel Dip Card CLIA (254)2518-Feb
9-Panel Dip Card (194)50018-Mar
10-Panel Dip Card CLIA (4105)2517-Nov
10-Panel Dip Card CLIA (1104)15018-Mar
5-Panel Flatcup w/ ADU (254A3)102518-Jan
10-Panel Flatcup (2104)20018-Jan
12-Panel Flatcup w/ ADU (6125A3)2518-Feb
6-Panel T-Cup (HCDOA 265)7517-Dec
6-Panel iCup w/ ADU15018-Feb
10-Panel iCup w/ ADU25017-Dec30018-Jan
10-Panel Quickscreen Cup (9298Z)80017-Dec
12-Panel Quickscreen Cup (9308ZNA)40017-Nov20018-Jan
Alcohol QED Test10017-Dec30018-Jan
Oratect 6-panel Saliva Test FDA55018-Mar


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