Instant Spice Test

Most sensitive K2/ Spice test on the market

K2 drug test

K2 drug test

Our state of the art urinalysis K2 drug screen detects the sixteen (16) of the metabolites found in various synthetic cannabinoid products. With this instant and accurate technology, anyone can detect the use of this nationwide abusive drug.
Confirm Biosciences’ K2/Spice on-site test is the most sensitive K2 screen on the market, with the lowest cut-off level 25 ng/ml for synthetic cannabis, compounds used in the majority of K2 products.

A Total of 16 Compounds Tested

Name Compounds Detected by the Confirm Biosciences K2 Test
JWH-018 N-propanoic acid
JWH-018 5-pentanoic acid metabolite
JWH-018 N-4-hydroxypenty
JWH-018 N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-019 6-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-019 5-hydroxyhexyl
JWH-073 4-butanoic acid metabolite
JWH-073 N-2-hydroxybutyl
JWH-073 N-4-hydroxybutyl
JWH-122 N-4-hydroxypentyl
JWH-122 N-5-hydroxypentyl
JWH-200 6-hydroxyindole
JWH-210 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C26H25NO3
JWH-398 N-pentanoic acid metabolite
MAM2201 N-pentanoic acid metabolite
RCS-4 N-(5-carboxypentyl) metabolite C21H21NO4

Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 72 hour detection
  • Results in 5 minutes
  • Checks for 16 different compounds
  • For Forensic Use

Directions to Use:

  1. Remove the test device from the foil pouch.
  2. Remove the cap from the test device. Label the device with patient or control identifications.
  3. Immerse the absorbent tip into the urine sample for 5 seconds. Urine sample should not touch the plastic device.
  4. Replace the cap over the absorbent tip and lay the device flatly on a non-absorptive clean surface.
  5. Read results at 5 minutes

Interpretation of Results:
NEGATIVE: Two lines appear. * One color line should be in the control region (C), and another apparent color line adjacent should be in the test region (T).
This negative result indicates that the drug concentration is below the detectable level.
*NOTE: The shade of color in the test line region (T) will vary, but it should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint distinguishable color line.
POSITIVE: One color line appears in the control region (C). No line appears in the test region (T). This positive result indicates that the drug concentration is above the detectable level.
INVALID: Control line fails to appear. Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for control line failure.
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